Sun On, Power Off. Better Lighting, Zero Electricity

SunTracker Skylights

Follow the Sun!

Our patented GPS sun tracking system automatically adjusts special mirrors to remain in perfect alignment with the sun from morning until evening.  The sun's natural rays are reflected and optimized for free lighting source that is far superior to electrical lighting.

Making it Bright...

Even When Cloudy Outside!

SunTrackers make every day a sunny day in your building--even where it is cold and rainy!  We have many installations in geographic regions that are often cloudy and gray. 

Happier Workers

and Customers

Everyone is in a better mood when the sun is shining! SunTrackers make buildings brighter and more cheerful causing worker productivity to go up, absenteeism to go down, and... retail customers spend more money!

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

SunTracker Skylights - Google SunTracker Skylights - LGSunTracker Skylights - Boeing SunTracker Skylights - Office Depot SunTracker Skylights - Whole Foods    SunTracker Skylights - ACESunTracker Skylights - EATONSunTracker Skylights - Frito LaySunTracker Skylights - Johnson & Johnson StaplesSunTracker Skylights - StaplesSunTracker Skylights - ToyotaSunTracker Skylights - WalgreensSunTracker Skylights - CargillSunTracker Skylights - IkeaSunTracker Skylights - Pet SmartSunTracker Skylights - Walt DosneySunTracker Skylights - EmersonSunTracker Skylights - Sempra Energy

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