Ciralight SunTrackersTM Receive Prestigious Green Mark Certification

Posted by Jeff Brain on Jan 26, 2012 11:03:00 AM

Ciralight Global, Inc. (OTC:DB:CGHA) maker ofCiralight SunTrackers, a solar powered, energy efficient lighting solution for commercial buildings, announced today that it has received the prestigious Green Mark certification from the Singapore Green Building Council endorsed by the government of Singapore.

Gary and Kammy Choo of GreenTree Products Asia Pte, LTD., Ciralight’s exclusive distributor for Singapore, Malaysia and portions of Indonesia, secured the Singapore Green Building Council certification. The certification is based on the SunTrackers capability to bring abundant, consistent natural sunlight into building interiors throughout the day; and Ciralight Global’s commitment to environmental practices throughout their own operations.

Ciralight SunTrackers use advanced GPS Suntracking Technology and Mirrors to illuminate commercial buildings. They are better for the Environment, Better for Business and Better for people. Ciralight SunTrackers have been installed at Airports, Schools, retail stores, offices, warehouses, and factories.

The Green Mark Certification allows Singapore building owners that install Ciralight SunTrackers to benefit from incentive programs and grants set up by the Singapore government to encourage green-mindedness. As importantly, installation of the Ciralight SunTrackers can help property owners obtain a BCA Green Mark for their building, a meaningful distinction in the Singapore real estate market.

Gary Choo, the Managing Director of GreenTree Products Pte, Ltd. stated “With our local inventory, technical support, and experienced installers, we were already seeing strong interest and demand. Now, with the Singapore Green Mark certification, customers understand that Ciralight SunTrackers are endorsed as an environmentally approved product.” 
Jeff Brain, CEO of Ciralight Global said, “We are very thrilled to receive this Green Mark Certification. It is one more step in our goal of making Ciralight SunTrackersTM a global sustainable lighting solution that will allow millions of people around the world enjoy natural, healthier, clean energy efficient lighting.”

Installations of Ciralight SunTrackersTM have been completed at Indonesian warehouses, Singapore Hawker Centers, at the Singapore International Airport and at one of the island’s largest food companies. With the Green Mark certification, 2012 looks to be a prominent year for GreenTreen Products Asia and Ciralight SunTrackers. Ciralight SunTrackersTM have also been installed throughout world by Whole Foods, Staples, Office Depot, Boeing, Google, Caterpillar, LG, IKEA, Walgreens, Ace Hardware, Eaton, Fresh & Easy, Frito Lay, Patagonia and more.

The BCA Green Mark program was launched in January 2005 as a way to encourage Singapore's construction industry towards building environmentally friendly buildings. It is intended to promote sustainable solutions and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders.

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Ciralight Global, Inc. headquartered in Southern California and manufactures its patented Ciralight SunTrackerTM a clean-tech sustainable lighting solution. Ciralight SunTrackersTM use advanced GPS Suntracking technology and mirrors to illuminate commercial buildings. The result is a FREE source of light during the day, which will save energy, lower utility bills, and provide a better quality of light. Ciralight SunTrackersTM are better for the Environment, Better for Business and Better for People. Ciralight Global, sells its Ciralight SunTrackersTM through an international network of authorized Distributors and Dealers. Now with the worldwide movement toward energy efficiency and a greener planet, Ciralight Global, Inc. is making Ciralight SunTrackers an international commercial industry lighting solution that will allow millions of people enjoy natural, healthier, clean energy efficient lighting. Ciralight Global, Inc. – We Speak Sun.

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