Daylighting Systems for Health Care Applications

Natural sunlight helps patients recover faster, with less pain, and it provides them a better quality of stay.


Research shows that daylighting is very beneficial for hospital patients. According to a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center study, patients exposed to daylight “experienced less perceived stress, marginally less pain, took 22% less analgesic medication per hour, and had 21% less pain medication costs.” Additionally, patients were released from the hospital 20% sooner than patients in dimly lit rooms, thereby reducing the costs for hospitals, insurance companies, and patients.

Not only does natural light aid recovery from physical and psychological illnesses, it also prevents many illnesses and diseases as well. Moderate exposure to natural light has been linked to the prevention of rickets, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, and autoimmune diseases.

Additionally, doctors, nurses, physicians, and staff who work in hospitals and health care facilities need the best lighting conditions to perform their work-related tasks well. Research suggests that the medical profession is among one of the most emotionally challenging. Natural daylight can mitigate the stressors exacerbated by long work hours and the extreme pressure felt by those whose work choices and activities may result in complications which lead to grave consequences.

Ciralight SunTrackers are an active daylighting solution that uses GPS to track the sun and reflect it directly into a building for up to 10 hours of continuous, off-the-grid illumination. If you would like to learn more about Ciralight’s active daylighting solution, contact our sales team today.

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