Daylighting Systems for Retail Applications

Daylighting is a simple, cost-effective means of making retail business models more profitable.


There are several major advantages that result from the use of daylighting design techniques in retail buildings, including: 

  • enhanced visibility and color differentiation
  • increased sales
  • greater customer loyalty
  • and improved employee performance and morale

Studies prove the correlation between daylighting and increased sales. One PG&E analysis found that daylit stores had approximately 40% higher sales than non-daylit stores. Another study conducted by Walmart found that if a single section of a store was daylit, that section of the store would sell a significantly higher number of products than an artificially lit area--even if the products in both sections were identical.

Daylighting appears cleaner and brighter than artificial lights. Customers return more often and travel further to daylit stores than to non-daylit ones. This is due in part to the superior quality of diffused, full spectrum light that daylighting provides. Customers also admit to frequenting daylit stores, even those stores that are further from their homes, on account of having “non-specific positive environmental feelings,” because natural light simply feels good. 

Not only is natural light more attractive to customers, but studies have shown that it is beneficial for employees as well. The Rocky Mountain Institute found that introducing energy-efficient daylighting into the workplace can actually increase productivity between 6% and 16% in addition to reducing absenteeism and increasing the overall quality of work. 

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