How Can Artificial Lighting Increase Costs?

By Jeff Brain | March 23, 2017

While many artificial lighting solutions are touted as highly efficient, this claim does not always line up with the energy savings a system manages to provide. Many lighting systems include flaws which can inadvertently increase facility operating costs. 

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Why Should You Avoid Traditional Skylights?

By Torrin Greathouse | March 21, 2017

For thousands of years people have been using skylights to bring light into their homes, churches, and businesses. Despite how old this technology is, it has taken a long time to develop. Most people's’ mental image of one probably looks fairly similar, a horizontal window in the roof of a building. Despite how common they are, these traditional skylights are far less effective than many modern technologies.

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Using Natural Lighting in the Corporate Setting

By Jeff Brain | March 16, 2017

Studies show that integrating natural light can be highly beneficial for a wide range of different applications, including military, industrial, and commercial facilities. One setting where these benefits have often been employed in the past is in corporate offices. Because of their specific lighting requirements and high occupancy, well-designed and integrated daylighting offers an efficient option for lighting these facilities. 

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4 Key Ways to Reduce HVAC Use for Your Business

By Torrin Greathouse | March 14, 2017

If you were to tell most people that heating and cooling can account for up to half of many buildings’ energy costs, they would not believe you. But that’s exactly what the U.S. Department of Energy has found. Because of this, actively reducing HVAC usage can drastically lower a facility’s energy costs. 

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How Can Daylighting Benefit Commercial Buildings

By Jeff Brain | March 09, 2017

Well-integrated daylighting offers benefits for a broad range of applications, ranging from military to medical and from corporate to industrial. One area in which natural light can be particularly beneficial is in commercial facilities.

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Are LEDs Worth the Investment?

By Torrin Greathouse | March 07, 2017

In recent years, LED lighting has seen a massive increase in popularity, rapidly becoming the number one choice for facility owners looking to reduce their lighting costs. As with any other market trend, it is important to take a step back and look at whether this popularity is justified.

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How Outdated Skylights Can Waste Your Money

By Jeff Brain | March 02, 2017

In some circles, skylights have a negative reputation. This reputation is largely due to the issues associated with their older, outdated, traditional design.

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Can Daylighting Increase Workplace Productivity?

By Torrin Greathouse | February 28, 2017

Productivity is a major concern for businesses around the world. For large corporations a loss of even 2% productivity can account for millions in lost profits. Because of this, more and more businesses are actively seeking out methods of supporting productivity in their facilities.

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4 Reasons Daylighting is Better for Building Occupants

By Jeff Brain | February 23, 2017

The theory of biophilia says that the human body is hardwired to respond to natural stimuli because of thousands of years of evolution. Studies have shown that when exposed to the sights, sounds, and other stimuli of nature, the human body functions more efficiently. Human-centric characteristics of buildings and the focus on human wellness are a growing trend.

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Is Artificial Lighting Disrupting Your Health & Sleep

By Torrin Greathouse | February 21, 2017

Since the invention of the light bulb in 1879, electrical lighting has become an integral part of life in all developed nations. Our lives have shifted from being defined by the hours of sunlight, and we have begun to transition into a 24/7 society. The benefits of this, however, don’t come without costs.

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