3 Ways Commercial Skylights Give You Happier Employees

By Jeff Brain | September 21, 2015

Daylighting with commercial skylights provides many benefits to building owners. For most people, cost savings is a priority, but it is not the only factor to consider when deciding which systems to implement in your daylighting strategy. Naturally, you will reduce utility bills by lowering electrical lighting and HVAC usage. However, many building owners do not realize that daylighting produces happier employees, which will also benefit their bottom line.

When you consider that for most businesses, the majority of expenses are related to employees, the importance of prioritizing their comfort and health becomes apparent. A World Green Building Council report determined that approximately 90% of the operating expenses of most businesses go to salaries and employee benefits. Given this large investment, it makes sense for business owners to maximize the efficiency of their most valuable resource.  

Skylights and Employee Satisfaction

In addition to contributing to a positive office culture, commercial skylights are proven to improve worker productivity and employee satisfaction. Consider all of the following ways skylights will give you happier employees:

1. Less absenteeism

The same report mentioned above states that the annual absenteeism rate in the private sector in the United States is 3%, which translates to a loss for employers of just over $2,000 per employee per year. Reducing this rate by even a small percentage can have a major impact on profits. Many business case studies have reported a reduction in absenteeism after the introduction of daylighting with skylights.

2. Higher productivity

Several studies have linked worker productivity to a healthier office environment, and many others have focused specifically on the benefits of daylighting. A study performed by the California Energy Commission showed that exposure to natural daylight was linked to improvements in short-term memory and the concentration.

3. Optimal lighting

Although the evidence strongly suggests that proximity to windows is a major contributor to employee satisfaction, commercial skylights are becoming increasingly popular because they are able to provide natural light without the potential negative effects of lighting through windows. The two major issues that skylights help mitigate are glare and thermal discomfort. By using diffuser lenses to provide uniform natural light, skylights eliminate the headache inducing glare that windows sometimes cause.

As a building owner, it is difficult to ignore the overwhelming evidence that a healthier work environment contributes to reduced absenteeism, higher productivity, and greater employee satisfaction. Of course, it is also impossible to ignore the bottom line when making decisions about the workplace environment. However, when you factor in the high costs of absenteeism and low productivity, the short-term expense of making building improvements is well worth the long-term savings you will generate by creating a better work space with daylighting.

If you would like to learn more about how to increase employee satisfaction by installing commercial skylights, talk to the experts at Ciralight. We can quickly determine the payback period to get a return on your investment, including measurable metrics like energy savings and intangible benefits like better employee productivity. Request a quote today to get started.


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