3 Ways Daylighting Maximizes Savings

By Torrin Greathouse | April 11, 2017

As energy costs continue to increase, as they have been projected to through 2018, it is growing increasingly necessary to invest in solutions which help to reduce costs overall. One solution which offers a range of different ways to reduce your costs is daylighting. While outdated had the potential to actually increase costs, which has made consumers wary of natural lighting, modern solutions are specifically designed to avoid the issues these older systems faced. Below are three ways in which properly integrated daylighting can increase savings while decreasing costs.

Increases Employee Health and Productivity

A study of working Americans last year found that as much as 24% of the population experience “extreme stress” on a daily basis. This constant stress can be extremely harmful to both health and productivity. Natural light actively reduces stress levels and resting heart rates. Not only that, but daily exposure to natural light aids in the prevention of many conditions, ranging from multiple sclerosis to seasonal affective disorder. Natural light also supports a steady circadian rhythm, preventing sleep dysfunction. All of this contributes to higher productivity and less sick days, boosting a business’ bottom line.

Minimize Heat Gain and Loss

A major source of energy use for many facilities is climate control. Most people do not realize this, but many artificial light sources actually increase this cost by producing waste heat. Incandescent bulbs can waste up to 90% of the electricity they consume on heat, as opposed to visible light. Well-integrated daylighting not only eliminates reliance on artificial light, it also minimizes the heat transference older skylights create.

Drastically Reduces Lighting Costs

Most importantly, in minimizing artificial lighting usage, daylighting can significantly reduce day-to-day lighting costs. While many skylights passive skylights provide light for only around 4-6 hours per-day, the best can provide light for up to 10+ hours. This is capable of reducing overall lighting costs by 50-80%.

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