4 Companies Benefitting from Natural Lighting Design

By Jeff Brain | December 01, 2016

As sustainable, natural lighting design becomes increasingly efficient and cost effective, more and more businesses are choosing to integrate natural lighting systems into their facilities. Well designed daylighting can cut lighting and HVAC costs, increase productivity, reduce sick days, and make facilities more visually appealing. As a result, well-known and respected companies are implementing natural light in order to reap the many different benefits. Here are four companies that benefitting from their use of a natural lighting design.

Whole Foods

In efforts to reduce their energy costs and consumption, Whole Foods began replacing their outdated lighting with a combination of LEDs and natural lighting. This created a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction. In a national survey of their employees, they found that 80% considered their workplace more attractive and comfortable after the switch. Integrating daylighting can also help create an increase in retail sales. A study of this by Walmart found that integrating daylighting increased their sales figures by 40%.


Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and manufacturer of jetliners, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide. Consequently, their energy costs are extremely high. In an effort to reduce these costs and to make their facilities more sustainable, Boeing  has  been removing artificial lighting and making use of pre-existing skylights openings to retrofit their facilities with newer advanced daylighting technologies.


In addition to these sustainable upgrades, their future factory designs are aimed at creating a sense of community and reducing their environmental impact. Ultimately with this in mind, a new 472 million cubic foot facility will prominently feature daylighting throughout, eliminating the need for artificial light during daylight hours.


Toyota Motor Sales was an early adopter of sustainable lighting, installing it in many of their commercial buildings and dealer outlets. This has resulted in many of their buildings receiving a LEED certification for sustainability. According to Toyota, these LEED-certified facilities are efficient enough to save 69% on their energy costs per square foot each year.


IKEA,  one of the companies most synonymous with affordable interior design, utilizes natural lighting design in nearly all of their facilities. In addition to increasing  sales, as mentioned above, daylighting also makes spaces far more visually appealing. Bright, diffuse light spreads through a space, eliminating shadows at the edge of rooms, making it appear cleaner and more spacious.

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