4 Green Lighting Predictions for 2016

By Torrin Greathouse | January 26, 2016

Following the United Nations’ International Year of Light, 2016 has big shoes to fill. Along with major innovations in LED technology, 2015 saw an increase in awareness of light poverty, as well as a push toward making all facets of sustainable lighting more efficient and affordable. Lighting designers and sustainable lighting product manufacturers now have a strong foundation on which to build these trends throughout the coming year.

With that in mind, these are a few predictions for what we will see in the field of green lighting in the upcoming year.

Focus on Biophilia

Biophilia is a concept which has existed for a long time but has only begun to catch on. The idea being that human beings are synced up to nature and that allowing them more access to nature can improve employee health, morale, and productivity. As 2016 progresses, we will see more businesses integrate green lighting solutions, such as daylighting or full spectrum LEDs, to connect their employees with nature.

Mobile Lighting Controls

One idea creating the biggest amount of buzz in 2016 is the internet of things, or the integration of smart computing into all aspects of everyday life, from cars and watches to streetlights. This has had a major effect on the lighting industry in the form of advanced mobile lighting controls. Throughout 2016 it will become increasingly common to see someone remotely controlling the lighting of a room or building from their smartphone.Mobile lighting controls not only dim lights, but also individually adjust the light spectrum, luminosity, and depending on the system, even the direction of lighting fixtures.

Color Tuning

Another emerging trend is color tuned LEDs. While in the past, LED lighting has been associated with efficient, but monotone and glaring light, new technology is changing the way we look at LEDs as a green lighting solution. Rather than installing bulbs with a standard output, bulbs can be tuned to deliver light in a color temperature optimized for the requirements of your building and its occupants.

More Sustainable Businesses

There is a strong trend pushing towards more businesses going green. Recent studies have shown that customers prefer to shop at stores which practice sustainability. Companies can show the public that they care about the environment through the eco-conscious architectural and lighting design of their building. Additionally, special tax credits and other benefits of sustainable design are available for businesses who begin integrating green lighting into their facilities.

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(Photo: Kit, CC.)


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