4 Things Commercial Skylight Manufacturers Don't Usually Tell You

By Jeff Brain | June 10, 2015

When commercial skylight manufacturers speak to consumers about the products we sell, we generally discuss aspects of the skylight that are pertinent to the consumer’s interests. However, there are some things about our commitments to sustainable lighting production and consumer confidence that we rarely mention.

We aim to maximize natural light

Commercial skylight manufacturers are committed to designing products that maximize the amount of natural light that enters into a building. We use high quality acrylic and polycarbonate materials with clear or prismatic coatings in addition to highly reflective light wells or light tubes which transfer natural sunlight from the outdoors to the indoors. We do not usually tell you that the visible light from the sun and sky is abundant and will spread throughout a room, even on cloudy days, with an advanced skylight system. This abundance of light is in part why skylights are now and have always been such a desirable lighting product.

We are not against LEDs

While commercial skylight manufacturers champion natural lighting methods for their benefits to health, productivity, workplace morale, student learning rates, and patient recovery times, we also know that artificial lighting is necessary in today’s 24/7 rush. We are interested in the latest advances in LED lighting technology, especially in the bulbs which mimic the colors and intensities of natural sunlight. Commercial skylights still produce the best light for the daytime, and combined with the new, low-input LEDs that boast high CRIs, commercial skylights can efficiently illuminate a space at night.

We depend on buyer feedback

Commercial skylight manufacturers want consumers to believe in their product. If consumers are not confident in a skylight design, manufacturers will strive to produce something that is better suited to address present day needs. We do not usually admit how dependent we are upon a buyer’s feedback and constructive criticism in order to make the product more useful for building occupants and appealing to our target buyers.

We are committed to sustainability

Cost comparison and energy savings are important for consumers who intend to invest in an expensive product, so commercial skylight manufacturers emphasize these points in the sales materials. We repeat information about cost and efficiency so often that we usually forget to tell consumers how dedicated we are to sustainable practices and environmental conservation. Reducing our dependence on electric lights means we can also reduce our dependence on the fossil fuels which power our electricity supplies. Almost one-fifth of all energy produced worldwide is used to power electric lighting, and 67% of that electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. Reducing the amount of energy used in lighting would massively decrease the level of carbon emissions.

Ciralight manufacturers the SunTracker, a solar-tracking skylight designed to maximize the number of hours that sunlight can enter into a building. It uses solar-powered GPS technology to track the sun and bring natural light indoors to illuminate a space from the early morning to sunset. We are currently designing the next generation of SunTrackers, which will include LEDs so that our system can light a space 24 hours a day. This will dramatically cut electricity use and satisfy consumer needs for a high quality daylighting unit that functions around the clock. If you are interested in Ciralight’s SunTracker product, visit our website or contact us today.


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