5 Incredible Technologies Which Transform Sustainable Lighting

By Jeff Brain | January 15, 2015

Lighting affects us in our everyday life. What we see and how we feel is influenced by the illumination of the spaces we inhabit. Recent advancements in technology have made it possible for buildings to utilize free, natural daylight all day long, from sun up to sun down. Ciralight SunTrackers transform sustainable lighting design into a powerful, completely off-the-grid lighting solution.

Ciralight has spent years developing its patented SunTracker unit and transforming it into one of the best sustainable lighting options on the market. Their active design efficiently uses the sun’s energy to provide healthy, free, and natural illumination all day long. It is great for large, commercial buildings and industrial facilities, as well as for schools, gyms, warehouses, airports, and community centers.

Here is a list of the five incredible technologies that make Ciralight SunTrackers today’s best sustainable lighting solution:

1. SOLAR POWER is created when a solar panel faces the sun and converts the sunlight into electricity. Small solar panels can provide enough electricity to power small to medium-sized pieces of equipment.  After only ten minutes of sunlight, while the sun is still low on the horizon, the SunTracker’s small solar panel will be charged with enough energy to power the GPS unit and the motor that moves the mirror array so your building will be bright enough to work once the sun appears at the bottom of the skyline.

2. GPS (Global Positioning System) CONTROLLER communicates with orbiting satellites to receive accurate measures of location and time. While this system is frequently used for navigational purposes, the SunTracker GPS locates the coordinates of an individual SunTracker unit and calculates its position in relation to the sun. This ensures that the triple mirror array will move in precise synchronization with the changing position of the sun.

3. A MIRROR ARRAY constructed with highly reflective aluminum directs sunlight into a building. The GPS controller communicates with a solar powered motor to adjust the position of the mirrors throughout the day. Unlike passive skylight designs which are effective only when the sun is directly overhead, the mirror array paired with the GPS controller and solar-powered motor makes it possible for the sun to light the interior of a building from sun-up to sundown.

4. The LIGHTWELL is also made with reflective aluminum that transmits sunlight from the outdoors to the indoors without diminishing its illumination. SunTracker lightwells act as a seal that prevents heat and cold from penetrating into a building, which often occurs in buildings with traditional skylights. They are available in a variety of lengths to fit the dimensions of many roofs and ceilings.

5. DIFFUSER LENSES take the pure, bright sunlight and evenly disperses it in all directions across a room. These lenses, made of acrylic or polycarbonate, are available in three different shapes. Whether you need great lighting in a compact room or high quality light that can reach your the furthest corners of your warehouse, Ciralight’s diffuser lenses are guaranteed to suit the needs of any space.

These technological innovations combine to make a sustainable daylighting device which furnishes a building’s interior with clean, healthy, natural, abundant light all day long. Ciralight SunTrackers utilize their smart, solar-powered GPS system to provide off-the-grid, cost-free lighting for a longer period of time--up to 10+ hours per day--than any other conventional daylighting device! And their reflective mirrors and lightwells paired with the unique diffuser lenses effectively and efficiently bring sunlight into a building.

To learn more about Ciralight SunTrackers and how they compare to other sustainable lighting options, you can contact one of our representatives today.


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