5 Reasons SunTrackers Have the Fastest ROI

By Jeff Brain | March 31, 2016

Ciralight SunTrackers are an advanced solar tracking skylight product which provide numerous benefits that result in a fast return on investment of 2-4.5 years―faster than any other sustainable lighting product on the market today.

Solar Tracking Technology

Solar tracking skylights use a solar-powered GPS tracking unit to follow the sun with a set of mirrors and reflect the sun’s natural rays into a building from sun-up to sunset. While traditional rooftop skylights can illuminate an interior for a few hours at midday, solar tracking skylights illuminate an interior for 10.5 hours per day, greatly reducing the daily cost of lighting a building.

Thermal Protection

SunTrackers funnel bright and abundant natural light through diffuser lenses that are positioned at the top and the bottom of a highly reflective lightwell. The lightwell is designed similar to a double paned window in that each diffuser lens is like a pane of glass and the lightwell traps air between, which prevents heat gain and heat loss. This allows building occupants to experience the benefits of natural lighting while reducing HVAC use and saving money on the utility bills. And because each skylight spreads light widely throughout a 25ft² area, only a minimal number of openings will have to be made in the roof, so the maximum amount of natural light is gained little effect on the building envelope.

No Maintenance

SunTrackers are completely self-contained and fully autonomous, operating without any connection to external power sources. Once they are installed, they will illuminate a building interior every day without maintenance crews having to measure the light output of aging bulbs or replace burned out bulbs. Money that would otherwise be spent on maintenance equipment, spare bulbs, and crews of workers can then be put toward other more advantageous ends.

Diffuse Light

SunTrackers' diffuser lenses evenly disperse healthy and natural sunlight throughout an interior space. They reduce the glare and light pooling commonly associated with traditional passive skylights, making it easier for shoppers to see products on shelves or for workers to see fine details and small parts at their workstations. They also make spaces appear cleaner and less closed off by eliminating shadows which occur at the corners and edges of a room.

Increase Sales

Research shows that employees are more productive and that customers are more likely to return to stores which are lit with broad-spectrum sunlight. With solar tracking skylights, businesses can turn off electric lights as long as the sun is above the horizon, maximizing the time their occupants are exposed to the sun’s healthy rays. This results in a 10-40% increase in sales.

If you are interested in finding out how quickly Ciralight SunTrackers will return the investment and start bringing in additional profits to your business, request a free ROI analysis today.

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