6 Reasons Why Daylighting Is Worth Your Investment

By Jeff Brain | August 21, 2017

Daylighting provides free and abundant natural light during the day, which reduces artificial, Top100Badge.pngelectric light usage. The  savings from a high quality daylighting are so great that they pay off their investment within a few years.

Below are six stats that show how natural lighting products save your company money.

  1. Lighting Makes Up 19% Of Electricity Use

In the commercial sector, lighting accounts for 19% of electricity use, which amounts to a significant portion of a facility’s overhead costs. While compact fluorescents and LEDs reduce electricity use, the only form of lighting that will eliminate the use of electricity during the day is daylighting.

  1. 67% of Electricity Derived From Fossil Fuels

With lighting making up nearly one fifth of energy use in the commercial sector alone, using hundreds of billions of kWh annually, the environmental impact is high. 67% of electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels and 20% is generated from nuclear power. Incorporating daylight into a building design is a significant step towards a clean energy future.

  1. 50-80% Energy Savings

An advanced daylighting system can bring in natural light for up to 10.5 hours a day, while at the same time minimizing HVAC use with its well-insulated design. Additional money gained from these high savings can be put toward other necessary business investments.

  1. ROI of 2- 4.5 years

With superior thermal comfort and high quality illumination all day long, solar tracking skylights, one of the most advanced systems on the market today, bring a return on investment of 2-4.5 years. This is the fastest ROI of any natural lighting product―10 to 15 years faster than tubular and prismatic skylights.

  1. 10-40% Sales Increase

Research shows that customers are more likely to buy products that are displayed under natural light, and they are more likely to go out of their way to shop at stores lit by natural light. Even when the same product is sold in two places within the store―one under natural light and the other under artificial light―the one that is placed under natural light is more likely to be purchased. Greater attraction to daylit products results in a 10-40% increase in sales.

  1. Reduce Employee Sick Days By Up To 6.5%

People rely on the natural cycles of the sun to keep the body’s circadian rhythm in tune. Sunlight is a signal for the body to release hormones that improve alertness and concentration, and likewise, lack of sunlight is a signal for the body to release hormones that slows the body down and aids in restful sleep. Natural lighting aids the body’s natural processes and contributes to good health, so employee sick days are reduced by 6.5 percent.

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