Beyond Green: What do Industrial Skylights Contribute to Businesses?

By Jeff Brain | February 02, 2016

While helping to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions is an important cause, this is not the only reason to switch your facility’s lighting from electric fixtures to industrial skylights. Simply being greener is not always enough of an incentive.

Industrial skylights also offer several important business benefits which more than make up for the initial cost of the lighting upgrade.

Minimized Absenteeism

A report by the World Green Building Council found that in the private sector of the United States, the annual absenteeism rate is as high as 3%. What this equates to for employers is a loss of about $2000 per employee per year. Many companies who have integrated industrial skylights into their facilities have seen a significant reduction in absenteeism in their workforce, including Pennsylvania Power & Light and Verifone, who saw a decrease of 25%  and 45% less absenteeism respectively in the first year.

Safer Workplace Environment

Workplace injuries are an unfortunate fact of life for workers who operate heavy machinery in industrial facilities. This is, in part, because of the poor lighting in large industrial facilities. Replacing artificial lighting with industrial skylights, however, is shown to increase our eyes’ ability to spot edges and fine details. One company, Prince Street Technologies saw their workers’ compensation cases drop by a factor of more than 20 after replacing their electric fixtures with skylights.

Elevated Worker Productivity

The quality of light in a workplace can markedly affect workers’ mood and productivity. Insufficient lighting, or lighting too far into the blue end of the color spectrum, can make employees feel lethargic during the day, and even affect their circadian rhythm at night, contributing to insomnia. On the other hand natural light is shown to make employees more alert, boosting productivity by as much as 16%.

Reduced Electrical Costs

Perhaps the biggest benefit of incorporating industrial skylights into your facility is the potential reduction to your energy bills. Inefficient electrical lighting not only consumes a glut of energy, but converts a significant amount of what it consumes into heat, raising a facility’s HVAC costs as well. The Energy Center of Wisconsin found that this waste of electricity was so severe that switching a facility over to daylighting has the potential to reduce lighting and HVAC costs by as much as 80%.

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(Photo: David d'O, CC.)

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