Can Commercial Skylights Help Boost Sales?

By Jeff Brain | March 10, 2015

Brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Louis Vuitton, and Starbucks have been utilizing their brick and mortar store environments to influence the brand experience and help boost sales for decades. A major component, however, which these retailers have failed to take advantage of is natural lighting. Although research shows that daylighting in retail environments has the potential to increase sales up to 40%, many brands have yet to take advantage of the benefits of natural light, when it could be delivered easily through commercial skylights into their retail and commercial spaces.

How Do Commercial Skylights Increase Sales?

Better Product Display

Lighting impacts many aspects of how your product or service is perceived. The visibility of items and the design of the display in your space influences how consumers interpret the brand’s message. Commercial skylighting provides the quality of light needed to effectively market your business--a quality that cannot be replicated with artificial light sources.

An even more pragmatic way to look at this is to consider that consumers are often driven by color choices and that well-illuminated coloration influences consumer decisions more than poorly-lit conditions. Studies show that while the human eye can differentiate 500,000 different shades in natural light, this number drops to only eight under the whitening effects of fluorescent bulbs. This increase in color definition can often mean the difference between a happy purchase and an unhappy product return.

In addition to the influence of daylighting strategies on the consumer’s experience and behavior, there are other effects which prove that commercial skylights are a wise investment that helps to grow revenue.

Skylighting & Worker Performance

The right lighting conditions help store employees function effectively, and it raises their morale so that they can make customers feel welcome and improve the service they provide them. Daylight provides an abundant, efficient and free source of high-quality light. Employees exposed to maximum daylight, such as that provided by commercial skylights, are more alert, productive, and more friendly toward customers and clients during the day.

Daylight Keeps Customers Shopping Longer

Bright, diffuse lighting from natural rather than artificial sources will actually help your customers feel better in a retail space. The comfortable lighting will influence them to stay in your store for longer and will also motivate their decision to return again at a later time. This effect is powerful and can prompt happy customers to spend greater periods of time in the retail space, purchase more goods, and it will improve the customer’s experience of your brand overall and drive them to make more positive referrals to your store.

Ciralight and Your Bottom Line

Ciralight SunTrackers use GPS and solar power to track the sun's movement and provide an abundance of healthy, free sunlight indoors for 10.5 hours a day. Since more daylight adds to your bottom line in multiple ways, contact Ciralight today to learn more about our clean-tech commercial skylight.



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