Can Commercial Skylights Help Raise Your Profit Margin?

By Jeff Brain | January 05, 2017

There a myriad of factors to consider when selecting a lighting system for any facility, but mostly those concerning costs and savings.One positive attribute  many people do not realize about commercial skylights is that in a commercial setting they can actually help to raise a business's profit margin. Below is a breakdown showing  how commercial skylights can help ensure additional profits  coming into your business.

Increase Profits

Boost Sales

Humans have a biological attraction to natural light which should be acknowledged when designing a retail store. Multiple studies have shown that commercial skylights can have a positive effect on sales. One study by Walmart found that if two identical products were displayed, one under natural light, the other under artificial, the product under natural light would consistently sell up to 40% better.

Foster Repeat Business

Lighting has also been shown to promote greater brand loyalty in customers. This is partly due to the positive psychology of daylight. Natural light makes spaces appear cleaner and more spacious, making them more attractive to customers. Research shows that many consumers are statistically likely to go out of their way to shop at a daylit store, rather than a closer, artificially lit one.

Decrease Costs

Minimize Sick Days

One of the biggest unexpected costs for businesses is the loss of efficacy when employees are forced to take sick days, or worse, come to work sick because they cannot afford a sick day (this is known as presenteeism). Integrating daylighting into your facility supports employee health, aiding in the prevention of many ailments. Regular exposure to natural light also bolsters the immune system, and has been shown to reduce employee sick days by 6.5%.

Reduce Maintenance

Daylighting also cuts the cost of maintaining artificial lighting and replacing bulbs. Even the best bulbs and ballasts burn out over time, or lose intensity. This results in over two billion new bulbs being purchased every year. The need to constantly replace artificial lighting, particularly since these lights do not burn out uniformly, can be a major drain on your budget. The best commercial skylights require almost no maintenance while still providing  high quality light.

Cut Lighting and HVAC Costs

The best daylighting systems are designed to decrease  lighting costs. By reducing the number of hours a day artificial light is necessary, top systems can provide light for up to 10.5+ hours per day.  Many artificial lights generate excess waste heat, which  adds strain on your HVAC system, forcing it to run longer hours. By cutting back on artificial lighting use, well integrated daylighting can cut the associated electrical costs by 50-80%.

To learn more about how commercial skylights can make your facility more profitable, download our eBook The Power of Daylighting in Building Design.
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