Do Daylighting Solutions Improve Business Performance?

By Torrin Greathouse | October 14, 2015

Daylighting is a time tested sustainable lighting method. There have been dozens of white papers and business case studies describing the benefits of daylighting solutions. Few people realize however, the extent to which skylights and other smart fenestration can improve business performance. These are a few key areas where daylighting can increase your business’ efficiency.

Increase Worker Productivity

Exposure to natural light throughout the day has been linked to a wide range of benefits. These include improvements in employee health, more positive feelings about the workplace, and a reduced level of absenteeism. In the end, what all of this contributes to is an increased level of employee productivity and efficiency. According to a study by the Heschong Mahone Group, exposure to natural light can increase productivity by 6-16%.

Reduce Energy Costs

A major element of any business’ performance is minimizing costs while maximizing profits. One of the least expected places where companies lose money is in lighting and HVAC costs. Inefficient artificial lighting not only wastes electricity, but heats up a building’s interior, requiring you to run your cooling for longer hours. Replacing artificial lights with efficient daylighting solutions, however, has been proven to markedly reduce a business’ energy use.  

Boost Sales Figures

Perhaps the biggest improvement daylighting solutions create in business performance is increased sales. Natural light provides a far broader spectrum of light, which not only improves the appearance of a store and the products sold there, it also psychologically attracts customers. Stores which utilize daylighting experience more return customers, and stores which use natural and artificial lighting in different areas of the same building have recorded higher sales for items sold under natural light. This remains true even if an identical item is also sold under artificial lights. A study by the California Energy Commission found that stores which effectively incorporate daylighting can experience an increase in sales of up to 40%.

Ciralight produces a solar tracking daylighting solution, the SunTracker. This innovative system combines solar panels and GPS technology to provide indoor illumination for up to 10.5 hours per day while consuming zero electricity.

To learn more about the benefits daylighting solutions can provide for your business visit Ciralight’s applications page or download our eBook The Power of Daylighting in Building Design today.

(Photo: Thomas Hawk, CC.)

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