How Can Daylighting Benefit Commercial Buildings

By Jeff Brain | March 09, 2017

Well-integrated daylighting offers benefits for a broad range of applications, ranging from military to medical and from corporate to industrial. One area in which natural light can be particularly beneficial is in commercial facilities. Here are a few of the reasons that many commercial business owners rely on daylight in their facilities.

Increase Shopping Time

Studies on shopping patterns show that the longer a customer in in a store, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Daylighting has been shown to cause customers to stay in stores longer due to the “non-specific positive environmental feelings” which natural light generates. This also contributes to a greater number of repeat customers.

Boost Retail Sales

Beyond increasing shopping time, sunlight has been shown to directly increase sales figures. In a study conducted by Walmart, the same product was displayed in two places within a store. In one location it was displayed under natural light, in the other it was displayed under artificial light. By the end of the study, what they found is that even with identical products, a product displayed under natural light will sell up to 40% better than one under artificial light.

Help Preserve Produce

For stores that sell produce, daylighting can actually help them keep inventory on the shelves. Plant tissue, particularly that of green leaf vegetables, has greater longevity when exposed to the natural day-night light cycle. This also helps them maintain metabolites such as glucosinolates and chlorophyll. These have a distinct detoxifying and anti-cancer on the human body.

Reduce Energy Costs

Because many commercial facilities run for most of the day, energy costs are often high. Replacing inefficient artificial lighting with an efficient natural lighting system can drastically cut a facility’s energy use. The best systems are capable of eliminating the need for artificial light for up to 10.5+ hours per day, cutting a facility’s lighting costs by 50-80%.

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