How Can Industrial Skylights Improve Building Health

By Torrin Greathouse | February 20, 2018

Certain elements of your building’s interior, such as internal temperature, light quality, and air quality, Top100_2017px.pngcan markedly affect the health and productivity of the building occupants. Incorporating industrial skylight into your facility greatly improves the building health in a few key ways.

Regulates Sleep Cycles

Exposure to natural light has a profound effect on the body. Its opposite, dim interior lighting and overexposure to the blue spectrum light generated by LEDs, can disrupt your circadian rhythm. This makes employees groggy and unproductive and is a major contributing factor in the development of insomnia. Industrial skylights replace this unhealthy light with broad spectrum sunlight, helping to stabilize employees circadian rhythms.

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Creates Happier Employees

Industrial skylights create a healthier, happier work environment. Natural lighting in the workplace is shown to create “non-specific positive environmental feelings” in building occupants. This serves to decrease absenteeism by up to 45% and has been shown to create increases in productivity of between 6-16%.

Reduces Injuries

Due to poor lighting in industrial facilities, injuries are unfortunately common, especially among workers who operate heavy machinery. Broad spectrum sunlight has been shown to increase visibility to a much safer level than the light provided by HID, LED, and fluorescent lamps. A study by Prince Street Technologies found that when they replaced their artificial lighting with industrial skylights, their yearly worker's compensation cases decreased by a factor of more than 20.

Minimizes Sick Days

Skylights also provide a wide range of health benefits. Sunlight has been proven to aid in the prevention of conditions ranging from seasonal affective disorder to multiple sclerosis. The health benefits of natural light are so pronounced that incorporating it into the workplace can reduce employee sick days by up to 6.5%.

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