How Commercial Skylights Can Increase Your Profits

By Torrin Greathouse | June 27, 2017

Along with having a direct effect on building health, commercial skylights can beTop100Badge.png
beneficial to your building in a surprising number of ways. One that business owners
may not realize, is that they actually help to increase a business’ profit margin. This is
not direct, but the interaction of a few factors daylighting effects. 
Here are a few ways that the right skylights could help bring more money into your facility.

Create a More Appealing Space

Commercial skylights use natural light to make a space more comfortable and welcoming for occupants. Because of the diffuse nature of the light they bring into a building, they are effective at eliminating corners in the edges of rooms or objects, which makes a space appear cleaner and more spacious. Well-designed skylights also help control heat gain and loss, ensuring a more comfortable, stable interior temperature. This is shown to create non-specific positive environmental feelings in occupants, and studies of shopping patterns find that many consumers are more willing to go out of their way to shop at a well-daylit business than one closer to home which uses dim artificial light.

Decrease Worker Absenteeism

Decreased productivity can be a major drain of resources for a business, particularly in the form of worker absenteeism due to health problems. Integrating natural light, however, counteracts this by supporting occupant health. Regular exposure to daylight has been shown to naturally reduce stress and support a healthy circadian cycle. It has also been found to aid in the prevention of conditions ranging from rickets to seasonal affective disorder. The health effects of natural lighting are so profound that it is capable of reducing employee sick days by an average of 6.5%.

Cut Energy Expenditures

While it seems in many cases to be an essential that we cannot live without, many people are surprised by just how much energy we use for lighting. The average commercial building allocates 20% or more of its overall electricity usage to lighting alone. But this is not the only element of a monthly electrical bill that your choice of lighting effects. Waste heat generated by electrical lighting, or heat transference from cheap skylights can also increase energy costs. Luckily, integrating high-quality commercial skylights has the potential to cut electricity usage for lighting and HVAC by 50-80%.

Direct Sales Increase

While many of commercial skylights’ effects on a business bottom line are somewhat more subtle, lighting has also been shown to have a direct correlation to sales. A case study performed by Walmart tested displaying the same items in similar locations throughout the store, except in one case an item would be lit with artificial light, and in the other, natural light. What they found is that by changing that variable alone, they were able to generate sales on those items up to 40% higher while they were displayed under natural light. This is because natural light creates better edge detection, for viewing details, and allows for greater color rendition, making products appear more vibrant.

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