How Daylighting Makes Businesses Stable and Independent

By Jeff Brain | May 05, 2016

One reason why businesses are implementing daylighting methods in their building designs is a desire to break from their dependence on utility companies for lighting. Natural light brings a business closer to energy independence. It strengthens a business by allowing its leaders to predict the average price for lighting, to gain direct control over lighting access, and to reduce electrical costs that would otherwise be increased by inefficient electric lights.

Price Predictions

Accurate predictions for the short and long-term energy costs help guide businesses to success. Being dependent on utility companies for electricity and gas, on the other hand, makes businesses more vulnerable to unexpected shifts in cost and supply. Knowing in advance the cost of energy you receive will save a business from unforeseen losses. Integrating a natural lighting system into your building brings free and abundant natural light indoors every day, even on cloudy and rainy days, so you do not have to keep up with ever-increasing utility company prices when you want high quality light.

Control Access and Supply

When lighting is regularly supplied by the sun, there is no need to worry about possible disruptions due to brownouts or weather-related power outages. Businesses which have lighting without relying on an intermediary energy supplier will not be left in the dark if access to energy is cut off. Daylighting assures access to lighting and is a means of strengthening the autonomy of any business.

Reduce Costs

Funding is a continual concern for any business, so being able to strategically cut daytime lighting costs, which account for 20-50% of an business’s electricity use, frees up large sums of money. A high quality daylighting system will not only reduce the cost of lighting, but will also save on HVAC use and facility maintenance expenses as well. The extra money can then be spent to increase profits and productivity rather than maintain day-to-day business operations, or else money can be invested in other forms of technology that increase stability and independence even further.

An advanced daylighting system provides greater financial security so businesses can invest their money in the areas where it is needed most. Integrating natural lighting into building design is truly one of the most fundamental steps toward energy independence and overall business success.

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