How Green Lighting Solutions Solve 4 Everyday Business Problems

By Jeff Brain | October 19, 2015

Many people take light for granted and often do not even notice the lighting fixtures around them. That is, unless the lighting is ineffective, or worse, detrimental to everyday activities such as working, shopping, or studying. Even when this problem is acknowledged, building owners might not know what to do about it, and eventually the occupants become resigned. This is not an effective way to run a business, especially when the issue might easily be solved with green lighting solutions.

Green lighting solutions offer multiple benefits to any type of business: they reduce your environmental footprint, help you save money, and contribute to solving common business problems you may not even realize you have.

When is the last time you thought about the lighting strategy for your business? Take a moment to think about your workplace and consider if any of the following problems affect your employees or customers.

1. Insufficient light

Do office workers require additional task lighting at their desks in order to effectively see the work in front of them? This is a sign of insufficient lighting in an office environment and can contribute to eye fatigue and lower productivity. In a retail store the problem is even more detrimental. If your customers cannot effectively read product labels or clearly see the products on the shelves, sales will diminish Daylighting, one of the most cost-effective green lighting solutions, is proven to deliver higher sales in retail stores.

2. Glare

Too much direct light, either natural or artificial, can lead to glare, which is harsh on the eyes and also makes it difficult to read documents. Using a green lighting solution that provides ample, diffused daylight without the risk of glare will ensure that employees and customers have just the right amount of natural light.  

3. Employee dissatisfaction

Worker performance is heavily influenced by the surrounding environment, and lighting is a major component of overall employee satisfaction. In addition to having the ability to effectively see their work, employees benefit from exposure to natural light and express higher rates of satisfaction when green lighting solutions are employed.

4. Wasteful energy spending

Every business owner cares about the bottom line, and operational costs are a major contributor to everyday expenses. Installing a green lighting solution that provides as much daylight as possible will limit the amount of electrical lighting required to run your business. Using technology such as light timers and energy efficient light bulbs will also help reduce operational costs while ensuring that employees and customers have ample light.

If any of these problems sound familiar, consider implementing a green lighting solution like Ciralight SunTrackers to provide up to 10+ hours of natural light every day. If you work in an office environment, this means that you can significantly reduce the use of electrical lighting during business hours. For retail stores that operate at night, you can still significantly reduce the amount of artificial lighting required and may even increase sales at the same time.

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