How Solar Tracking Skylights Reduce Labor and Maintenance Costs

By Torrin Greathouse | March 29, 2016

Good lighting systems are measured by their performance. The best systems continually put out high quality illumination every day while minimizing the cost for lighting. Solar tracking skylights bring in broad-spectrum natural light, which saves money for businesses in a number of ways. By integrating these products, electrical costs can be cut by 40-80%, absenteeism drop by 45%, and sales go up by 40%. In order to be considered to work at peak productivity, solar tracking skylighting systems must reduce labor and maintenance as well. But how exactly do these systems minimize labor and maintenance costs?

Unlike artificial electrical lights which have a finite lifespan and need to be changed regularly, skylights receive their illumination from the light that naturally exists in the earth’s atmosphere.Whether the illumination comes from the direct rays of the sun or from the reflected sunlight of the sky or from the sunlight that passes through clouds, daylight is available to us without ever having to change bulbs, replace fixtures, or do any other form of lighting upkeep.

This not only eliminates the cost of replacement bulbs and parts, which create waste that may require special methods of disposal, but it also saves on the money needed to pay workers to maintain the artificial electrical lights. In addition to changing bulbs, maintenance includes regularly cleaning fixtures and measuring illumination levels to determine whether the system is working efficiently or beginning to perform poorly.

When maintenance crews are called in to fix or replace worn or burnt out lights, this interrupts work, and as a consequence, productivity declines. This leads to additional financial losses for the company, which will have to pay their employees even at times when their work cannot be completed. Continual upkeep drains the budget and keeps a business from amassing the funds needed to make necessary improvements to workflow and building design, or to expand their operations with new, well-qualified hires.

Advanced solar tracking skylight systems do not require continual upkeep, which helps businesses earn profits. These systems are also completely self-sufficient. They do not have electrical fixtures that need to be checked periodically, nor do they require bulb changes or special arrangements for bulb disposal. They eliminate almost all lighting maintenance costs and create ongoing savings for business owners. Additionally, when the cost of labor and maintenance is reduced, more resources can be put toward other necessary changes that will lead to increased profits.

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(Photo: D Coatzee, CC.)

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