How to Save Money With Industrial Skylights

By Jeff Brain | October 27, 2016

Industrial spaces can be difficult to light efficiently. They are often large spaces with high ceilings, no windows, and no specific lighting requirements. This creates a struggle to find the right lighting solution. As a result, more and more facility owners are beginning to rely on industrial skylights for their facilities. In some cases, such as California’s Title 24, skylights are required in new constructions. Below are a few of the ways these skylights can help cut costs and more efficiently light a building.

Minimize Energy Costs

In industrial facilities, electrical lighting consumes a huge percentage of their monthly energy costs. Furthermore, inefficient electrical lights can contribute to high HVAC costs by generating excess waste heat. Advanced industrial skylights overcome this by producing superior light with zero electricity use for up to 10.5+ hours per day. According to the Energy Center of Wisconsin, the use of skylights can create a reduction in building lighting and HVAC costs of up to 80%.

Boosts Productivity

Another proven benefit of industrial skylights is that daily exposure to natural light  improves worker focus and energy. Studies show that in facilities with skylights worker absenteeism and turnover decrease, while employee loyalty and moods improve. The reduction of glare caused by artificial lighting also improves an employee’s sleep schedule. One study on workplace productivity and daylighting found that after installing skylights they experienced an increase in productivity of 16%.

Prevents Injuries

Dim light in industrial facilities can be extremely dangerous, particularly in facilities where heavy machinery is used. Natural light is shown to markedly increase visibility, improving one’s ability to spot edges and other small details, which helps to avoid workplace accidents. When Prince Street Technologies incorporated daylighting into their facility, they saw their average number of worker’s compensation suits due to injury drop from 20 per year, to less than one.  

Alternative to Unhealthy Lights

Some LEDs and CFLs tend to produce high levels of blue spectrum light. Overexposure to this light can reduce melatonin levels in your body, contributing to insomnia and weakening of the immune system. Replacing these lamps with industrial skylights helps to give workers more energy and better focus throughout the day. Exposure to natural light has also been linked to the prevention of conditions including rickets, multiple sclerosis, seasonal affective disorder, and some autoimmune diseases.

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