How to Select the Best Skylight Manufacturer

By Torrin Greathouse | December 06, 2016

When it comes time to select the best sustainable lighting products for your facility, one important consideration is almost always completely ignored—the manufacturer. Even within a single specific kind of product, there can be dozens of manufacturers. Researching the company that produces the product can help you better understand the purchase, transport, and installation process, helping to avoid costly mistakes. Below are a few Important things to understand and look for in skylight manufacturers you may be interested in working with.

Customer Experience

The best people to tell you about a manufacturer’s business practices and quality of service are their other customers. See if the manufacturer can put you in touch with former customers who you can talk to about the quality of their product, their supply chain, and how well they respond to customer’s questions and concerns. It is important to find a manufacturer that takes the time and effort to leave their customers satisfied. Not only that, but a strong customer base reflects the quality, professionalism, and efficiency of the products and services a company provides.

Product Testing & Warranty

Rigorous product testing and a lifetime warranty are both important signs of a quality manufacturer. When checking a skylight for the testing it has received, look for weather proofing, impact resistance, structural integrity, and lifespan ratings. If the product you are considering has all these qualifications, then there’s a high probability that the manufacturer cares enough to ensure they are bringing a high quality product to the table. Their warranty is another important litmus test, which can help show how much they believe in their own product. Does the manufacturer you are considering  offer a lifetime replacement warranty? If not, why?

Tax Credit Knowledge

The right sustainable artificial lamp or high-quality skylight can help qualify a facility for various tax credits and incentives. The best manufacturers will have the experience to know what incentives their product can help you qualify for. Particularly in the case of more complex certifications, such as the LEED building certification, your manufacturer should be able to explain what specific categories within the certification their system contributes to.

NFRC Ratings

The National Fenestration Council (NFRC) is a third-party consumer rating service devoted to providing consumers a system for unbiased ratings for skylights and other daylighting products. Using their performance standards is the best way to compare two products side-by-side. Your manufacturer should be willing to provide you with the ratings for visual light transmittance, solar heat gain coefficient, and u-value scores for their products.

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