IoT: A Revolutionary New Material In Sustainable Lighting

By Jeff Brain | May 03, 2016

The Internet of Things, also known as IoT, has shifted the way lighting is currently conceived. Some even predict that lighting will be the backbone of IoT technology. More than just illumination, this breakthrough method of sustainable lighting combines sensors and controls with networking and intelligence systems to make light more responsive to human behavior and needs. Indoor and outdoor lighting systems are already ubiquitous. They are distributed almost everywhere to accommodate our everyday needs. By utilizing their existing electrical connections, they can easily be integrated into a network of smart systems.

IoT Lighting and Industry

This leads to new opportunities for a wide-range of business types. Retail stores can track environmental information based on traffic patterns and purchases, while industrial manufacturers can track employee productivity. Aspects of interior design influence the way building occupants perceive the space and can help determine how they act. How should products be displayed to garner the most sales, and how should workplaces be arranged for greater employee productivity?  Internet connected sustainable lighting will gather data and analyze the hidden variables that then inform how adjustments are made to the environment in order to increase profits.

In the education and healthcare fields, data can greatly facilitate the adaptation of environmental factors to generate faster learning rates and healing times. With internet connected sustainable lighting, intelligent network systems can compare information such as time of day, light quality, temperature, room decor, etc. and relate it to teacher lesson plans, frequency of doctor and nurse visits, and a host of other variables of to see how student performance and patient recovery times are affected by day-to-day conditions.

Businesses in the hospitality and service industries that install IoT lighting will be able to improve customer relations by drawing from environmental analytics to enhance their interactions with clients. In a sector that depends so heavily on the way its tone is perceived by its client base, IoT lighting can transform how guests perceive space. Making guests feel cozy, pampered, or energized, rather than uneasy and uncomfortable, will be key to ensuring their loyalty.

The future of sustainable lighting is evolving. Soon the most advanced lighting technologies will be paired with network connections for smarter IoT lighting design.

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