Learn How To Make More Money With Commercial Skylights

By Torrin Greathouse | July 25, 2017

For all of the benefits of natural lighting that are commonly discussed, there is one benefit for Top100Badge.pngcommercial facilities that often surprises. In retail, light can have a drastic effect on your business, and studies have proven that integrating commercial skylights into your facility can increase daily profits. Below is a breakdown of the way that integrating skylights can actually make money for your facility.

Encourage Return Customers

Commercial skylights provide bright broad-spectrum light, diffused through an interior area. This makes spaces appear both cleaner and more spacious by eliminating shadows in the corners and edges of walls. Well-designed skylights also aid in maintaining a comfortable and stable indoor temperature. Combined, these elements help to create a better shopping environment. Studies show that customers are more likely to travel out of their way to shop at a comfortably daylit store than an artificially lit store closer to their work or home.

Boost Worker Productivity

Daily exposure to natural light is also shown to provide a range of benefits that lead to higher productivity. This natural stimuli reduces stress and lowers resting heart rates, while triggering increased attentiveness and improving short term memory. Not only that, it can also help regulate occupants’ sleep cycles, ensuring they are less tired and groggy throughout the day. The total effect of these benefits is a facility-wide increase in productivity of 6-16%.

Cut Energy Costs

Possibly the most well known benefit of commercial skylights is their ability to cut energy costs for your facility. This is because a well-integrated high quality system not only eliminates the need for artificial lighting while the sun is above the horizon, it also helps to cut down on HVAC usage. This is because many artificial lights generate waste heat which can heat up a building to uncomfortable levels. Between lighting and HVAC, the right skylights are capable of reducing a building’s energy expenditure by 50-80%.

Boost Sales

Besides all these benefits, commercial skylights can also create a direct sales increase. This was confirmed in a study conducted by Walmart to compare sales figures between natural and artificial lighting. The study placed identical products in similar positions in the store, with one display beneath a skylight, the other beneath fluorescent lighting. What they found is that the products stored under natural light sold 40% better than those under the fluorescents.

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