How Natural Lighting Can Reduce the Need for Preventative Maintenance

By Torrin Greathouse | October 19, 2017

Being at the top of a successful company is a balancing act that requires focus, foresight and attention to detail. It's important to have a long-term strategy for your brand, but before you can post profits, you must account for a wide variety of ongoing expenses. Even if you're willing to make sacrifices, some of the most expensive necessities — such as lighting, and the utility and preventative maintenance costs associated with it — aren't exactly negotiable.

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Why Should You Include Natural Lighting in Your Budget

By Jeff Brain | October 17, 2017

Humans have used the natural light of the sun for decades, however, as more artificial lighting technologies have, our reliance on the sun has decreased. While many traditional skylight designs faced issues with insulation or glare, these issues are now uncommon. 

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5 Top Ways to Bring Low Risk Natural Lighting Into Your Building

By Torrin Greathouse | October 12, 2017

The quality of natural light illuminating a space depends on the kind of daylighting product you choose to incorporate into the building design. For some businesses looking to add natural light to the interior, one product alone will be sufficient, but for others, multiple products may be needed.

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5 Major Ways Sustainable Lighting Benefits the Workforce

By Jeff Brain | October 10, 2017

Despite the number of studies published on the topic, the effects of lighting in the workplace are widely ignored.Replacing the linear fluorescent or HID bulbs in your facility with daylighting or efficient LED bulbs offers a lot of potential benefits, particularly for your employees.

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How LED Lights May Be Wasting Your Business' Money

By Torrin Greathouse | October 05, 2017

While LED lights are one of the first solutions most business owners look to when they are trying to reduce electricity bills and make their facility more sustainable, they may end up costing a company more than they initially expect. Here are a few ways that using LED lighting can actually generate additional costs.

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How Can Commercial Skylights Help Avoid Work-Related Illness?

By Jeff Brain | October 03, 2017

Research shows that the proper illumination of interior workspaces reduces the number of annual work-related illnesses. Useful for more than the sheer possibility of vision, light influences human health and wellbeing, too. When exposed to the daily shifts of sunlight’s spectrum and intensity, the body is able to regulate its own natural processes and strengthen its immune system.

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4 Reasons to Supplement Artificial Lighting with Natural Light

By Torrin Greathouse | September 28, 2017

In our 24/7 a day 365 day a year culture, lighting is extremely important to the way we function. For hundreds of years, we planned our lives around the rise and fall of the sun, however, since the invention of the light bulb in 1880, the structure of our lives has drastically changed. We now spend the majority of our time under artificial electric lighting. At this point it is expected, but this is largely because we lack an understanding of how unhealthy artificial light can be. 

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5 Benefits of Sustainable Lighting in Building Projects

By Jeff Brain | September 26, 2017

By harnessing more renewable energy sources, you have the opportunity to cut maintenance and utility costs, and you can also minimize your company’s carbon footprint. While there are many possible building options available that can help your company achieve cost savings and minimize its environmental impact, a green lighting solution is one of the best because it has monetary returns with some unexpected benefits.

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The Role of Daylighting in Student Success

By Torrin Greathouse | September 21, 2017

While many offices, supermarkets, and industrial facilities have begun to integrate natural light, 
there are many other kinds of facilities that can benefit from it. Schools in particular should take full advantage of the potential advantages natural lighting offers.

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5 Leading Sustainability Blogs You Should Follow

By Jeff Brain | September 19, 2017

Sustainable building and design are constantly evolving. To stay on top of all of the advances in news, technology, and design, finding a few good and informative blogs can help keep you up-to-date on all of the latest advancements in sustainability. These are our top five blog picks for sustainable building design, technology, and news.

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