How Can Natural Lighting Boost Efficiency for Your Business?

By Torrin Greathouse | February 09, 2017

Integrating natural light into a facility can have a wide range of benefits, though many people do not realize the distinct effect it can have on productivity and efficiency. Between aiding physical and mental health, and helping contribute to productivity, natural lighting can significantly improve a business's efficiency. 

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Skylight Manufacturer

By Torrin Greathouse | January 26, 2017

One important consideration that people typically overlook is the manufacturer when selecting a sustainable lighting system for their facility. There can be dozens of manufacturers  for each specific kind of product. Researching them can help you better understand the product and avoid costly mistakes.

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Human-Centric Lighting Design As Corporate Green Branding

By Torrin Greathouse | July 12, 2016

Human-centric lighting offers not only a wide range of business benefits, but also the chance to reimagine your company’s public image. Branding yourself as a green company who cares about both people’s and the planet’s health can help to attract investors and qualified job candidates while setting you apart from other businesses in your industry.

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How To Avoid Work-Related Illnesses With Commercial Skylights

By Torrin Greathouse | March 03, 2016

Research shows that the proper illumination of interior workspaces reduces the number of annual work-related illnesses. Useful for more than the sheer possibility of vision, light influences human health and wellbeing, too. When exposed to the daily shifts of sunlight’s spectrum and intensity, the body is able to regulate its own natural processes and strengthen its immune system.

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Why Choosing the Right Commercial Skylight Manufacturer Matters

By Jeff Brain | March 01, 2016

Product cost may be one of the primary concerns when choosing a commercial skylight, but it should not be the only concern driving your purchase. Be careful when choosing a product, and research information about the manufacturer. It may not be immediately apparent, but conducting research about the manufacturer will give you a chance to understand essential details about the purchase, shipment, and installation of a skylighting product, and it will help you to avoid costly problems in the future. This will ensure that you receive the highest quality natural lighting product that best suits your needs and is the most dependable option.

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Rethinking the Commercial Skylight: The New Technology You Need to See

By Torrin Greathouse | January 07, 2016

With climate change reaching new heights, many inventors and developers are rethinking old technologies in order to create new ones that reduce carbon emissions. One technology significantly aids in the prevention of climate change: commercial skylights.

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3 Ways Commercial Skylights Get You One Step Closer to Net-Zero

By Jeff Brain | November 26, 2015

As the price of electricity continues to rise, the concept of a net-zero energy building becomes more appealing to business owners and building managers. A net-zero energy building produces more energy internally in a year’s time than it draws from the electrical grid. It is impossible to reach this goal with a single sustainable solution, so here are three ways commercial skylights can help you reach net-zero status.

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5 Ways Commercial Skylights Offset Their Installation Cost

By Torrin Greathouse | November 06, 2015

One of the biggest concerns for building owners working toward a more sustainable facility is the cost of their building upgrade. What they do not realize is the ease with which certain sustainable products actually offset their own cost of installation with the benefits they provide. Below are a few of the ways commercial skylights can offset their own cost in your building.

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5 Factors Engineers Consider when Choosing a Commercial Skylight

By Torrin Greathouse | August 12, 2015

There are a wide range of qualities an engineer must consider when selecting the right commercial skylight for a project. A 2014 study by Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine highlighted the qualities most commonly used when evaluating and vetting these skylight systems. If you are planning on installing skylights in your facility it is important to understand the criteria your engineer will be using to decide what the best fit for your building is. Here are five factors your engineer is likely to consider.

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How to Calculate the Possible Energy Savings of Commercial Skylights

By Jeff Brain | July 27, 2015

Commercial skylights offer many benefits, including greater employee productivity, increased customer returns, and a more satisfied workforce. However, most facility managers are more interested in dollars and cents when it comes to making lighting decisions. Installing commercial skylights will reduce the amount of energy your building consumes, in terms of both electric lighting and HVAC costs. This reduction in energy use translates into immediate and long-term cost savings for you.

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