What to Expect When You Partner with Commercial Skylight Manufacturers

By Torrin Greathouse | September 25, 2015

As an architect or engineer, cultivating partnerships with the manufacturers of the technology you use in the facilities you design can be extremely beneficial. While skylights have always been an important facet of building design, new technological advances have led to a resurgence in their use. Because of this, many architects and engineers are forming partnerships with commercial skylight manufacturers. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect if you choose to do the same.

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5 Considerations for Daylighting Systems in Retrofit Projects

By Jeff Brain | September 23, 2015

Adding a daylighting system to a building will enhance occupant health and well-being and increase productivity while saving money in lighting and HVAC costs. Daylighting utilizes multiple strategies to produce the best lighting naturally with the least reliance on electricity.

For a new construction project, the architect, engineer, building owner, and lighting designer can work together to address a variety of concerns, including building orientation, window and door placement, glazings, controls, etc. But when the building already exists, and the only means to increase efficiency through building design is with a retrofit, how does one begin to address the multiple concerns of daylighting comprehensively?

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Why Daylighting Is One of the Most Important Green Technology Solutions

By Torrin Greathouse | September 18, 2015

As more and more developers move toward creating sustainable technologies, deciding on the best technology to use in your facility can become a difficult choice. There are green technology solutions for nearly every aspect of design, from smart thermostats to building blinds which automatically adjust to lighting conditions. Daylighting however, carves out a unique place as one of the most important green technology solutions. Here are a few reasons why:

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The International Year of Light & Daylighting

By Jeff Brain | September 09, 2015

Since 1959, the United Nations General Assembly has declared a cause to raise awareness for each year, declaring that year the international year of that goal. On 20 December 2013, the General Assembly declared that 2015 would be known as the International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies (IYL 2015).

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How Daylighting Systems Benefit Human-centered Sustainability Strategy

By Jeff Brain | September 08, 2015

Architectural design requires a combination of building science and creativity, both of which factor into the human benefits of a building. From a building science perspective, architects must consider how the building will be used, and how occupants are likely to behave, in order to determine the best form and function of the structure. At the creative end of the spectrum, architects have the freedom to apply both tried-and-true design principles and innovative modern technologies to deliver a sustainable building that benefits the people that interact with it.

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What Is Biophilia & How Are Daylighting Systems Related?

By Torrin Greathouse | September 03, 2015

One of the newest buzzwords emerging in the sustainability industry is biophilic design. While this term is initially hard to understand, studying biophilia could have resounding effects on the way we think about building design, interior spaces, and daylighting systems.

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How Daylighting Systems Can Enhance a Building Interior

By Torrin Greathouse | August 28, 2015

A huge deal of the discussion about daylighting systems is devoted to technical issues: energy savings, heat loss and gain, and return on investment. Perhaps more important than these however, are the less visible benefits daylighting offers for your building interior. From aesthetics to human health, incorporating daylight offers a wide range of benefits for your building.

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3 Must-Have Qualities of Great Daylighting Systems

By Jeff Brain | August 24, 2015

When devising an artificial lighting strategy for a room or building, a lot of thought typically goes into selecting the most suitable types of fixtures, their placement in the space, and the types of bulbs each fixture will employ. Other factors play a role in these decisions as well. For example, your budget may limit fixture selection to a certain quality, while internal efficiency standards require a particular type of bulb.

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Top 8 Questions for Daylighting Systems

By Jeff Brain | August 10, 2015

When evaluating multiple daylighting systems, it is helpful to make comparisons between the same sets of information given for each daylighting system so you can objectively decide which one is right for your building. Of course you want to know the cost, but like most major purchasing decisions, this is not the only factor to consider. Quality, performance, and long-term savings are also important.

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Lighting without Electricity: How Daylighting Helps 1.1 Billion People

By Torrin Greathouse | July 22, 2015

It is easy for those of us living in developed parts of the world to forget that there are many people who do not have access to the amenities we take for granted. 1.1 billion people world-wide live without access to electricity. This often deprives them of something essential to our way of life, which we take for granted—light.

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