How To Reduce Indoor Cooling Costs With Daylighting

By Torrin Greathouse | August 23, 2016

While reduced heating and cooling costs are rarely the first thing people associate with daylighting, in part because older skylights actually dramatically increased them, it can actually be a powerful tool for reducing facility HVAC costs. 

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9 Tips For Designing With Daylighting

By Jeff Brain | August 11, 2016

Many people think that incorporating daylighting into your building design is as simple as just installing a few skylights. In reality, it is a far more involved process. Choosing the wrong skylights or failing to take into account certain variables can end up increasing both lighting and HVAC costs, and decreasing workplace efficiency. 

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The Top 5 Human-Centric Lighting Solutions

By Torrin Greathouse | August 02, 2016

As ideas like biophilic design become more commonplace, business owners and architects are starting to focus on improving business performance with human-centric lighting. These lighting methods improve human health, boost productivity, and help lower the bottom line.

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The Top 5 Reasons Hospitals Need More Natural Lighting

By Jeff Brain | June 16, 2016

We often discuss the benefits of natural lighting for industrial or commercial buildings, however, they also offer a range of benefits for hospitals and other medical facilities. Despite this, many hospitals rely largely on artificial lighting.

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Why Businesses Will Turn Off Their Lights on June 17, 2016

By Torrin Greathouse | June 14, 2016

In 2014, the Building Energy Exchange founded an international Daylight Hour, asking businesses to turn off electric lighting in all areas of their offices that are reached by sunlight for a single hourfrom noon to 1pm. The event was started in order to raise awareness about how the use of natural daylight, rather than electric lighting, can reduce our carbon footprint. Last year more than 300 businesses participated, reaching nearly six million people in 14 countries through social media. This year’s Daylight Hour event will take place on June 17th.

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6 Stats That Show Why Daylighting Is Worth the Investment

By Jeff Brain | May 26, 2016

Daylighting provides free and abundant natural light during the day, which reduces artificial, electric light usage. The savings from a high quality daylighting are so great that they pay off their investment within a few years.

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How Daylighting Makes Businesses Stable and Independent

By Jeff Brain | May 05, 2016

One reason why businesses are implementing daylighting methods in their building designs is a desire to break from their dependence on utility companies for lighting. Natural light brings a business closer to energy independence. It strengthens a business by allowing its leaders to predict the average price for lighting, to gain direct control over lighting access, and to reduce electrical costs that would otherwise be increased by inefficient electric lights.

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How to Save on Electricity with Daylighting

By Torrin Greathouse | April 28, 2016

In 2014, 19% of all the electricity consumed by the commercial sector was used for lighting alone. The lighting systems that a facility uses can have a drastic effect on its operating costs, and when you consider that the price of electricity has been steadily rising, increasing by 63% since 2003, this can have a dramatic effect on overhead costs. Replacing electric light fixtures with well-integrated natural lighting is one of the surest ways to reduce electricity use.

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Top 3 Daylighting Systems Compared

By Torrin Greathouse | April 19, 2016

Daylighting systems reduce the need for artificial electric lights by efficiently bringing the sun’s rays into an interior building space. The top three systems on the market today offer distinct benefits as well as drawbacks in lighting and overall efficiency. In order to ensure that you purchase the product that will have the greatest advantages for your space, it is necessary first to understand their differences and then judge which to choose.

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5 Ways Daylighting Design Makes a Business More Sustainable

By Jeff Brain | March 17, 2016

Daylighting is a lighting design method which utilizes natural light to illuminate an interior space. It enhances the aesthetics of building design while making rooms feel more pleasant. It is also well-known for making a business more sustainable in the short and the long-term, but it may not be immediately apparent why this is the case. The ways daylight design makes a business more financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable are outlined below.

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