6 Important Lessons for Integrating Natural Lighting

By Jeff Brain | September 05, 2017

Maybe you have seen natural lighting skylight systems installed in commercial buildings, or maybe you have read anarticle about the benefits and appeal of natural lighting, or maybe you are simply curious about the latest trends in lighting design and technology. If you are looking to learn how to get started with a natural lighting system, read the six important points we have listed below.

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5 Ways Commercial Skylights Risk Increasing Energy Bills

By Torrin Greathouse | August 24, 2017

While skylights are designed to reduce energy costs by eliminating the need for electric lighting 
throughout the day, like
 many other solutions they can actually raise energy costs if poorly designed or integrated. Below are five ways your commercial skylights could actually increase your energy bills if you are not careful.

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Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In LED Lighting

By Jeff Brain | June 15, 2017

With each year that passes, LED lighting becomes a more dominant force in the lighting field. This is largely due to their major efficiency edge over both CFL and incandescent bulbs, as well as the fact that they do not produce excess waste heat. Despite all the benefits they offer, however, they face a few distinct issues. 

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How Can Natural Light Help Protect Your Sight?

By Jeff Brain | June 01, 2017

For a long time we have understood the intrinsic connection between sunlight and human health. One element of this that is often ignored however, is the effect of light on our visual health. Because our eyes rely on light, the kind of light we give them can drastically affect their function. 

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How Sustainable is Your Lighting Design?

By Torrin Greathouse | May 09, 2017

When designing new facilities or retrofit projects, we often talk about how to make these projects sustainable. Despite this, most of the time we do not have a great rubric for what sustainable really means. Particularly in a field like lighting, where there are so many factors to be considered, it can be difficult to nail down. 

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How Skylights Can Incorporate IoT Technology

By Jeff Brain | April 20, 2017

The Internet of Things is an idea that has been in circulation since the late 90s, which involves creating an internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, allowing them to send and receive data. In 2016, however, the convergence of several technology made this idea a reality, with companies around the world beginning to integrate these technologies into their business plans. 

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Can LEDs and Daylighting Work Together?

By Torrin Greathouse | April 18, 2017

Due to the nature of market competition, LED lamps and daylighting systems are often placed opposite each other when we compare sustainable lighting options. To a degree, this makes sense, with each representing the possible savings of artificial and natural lighting, respectively. But do these solutions need to be separate?

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Why Your Roof Space is a Valuable Commodity

By Jeff Brain | April 06, 2017

When considering energy efficient building design, most people tend to focus on the interior of the building. One area that does not receive enough attention is a building’s roof. This is often a versatile area with high square-footage, which can be used to great effect, particularly in dense urban areas.

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How Natural Lighting Can Reduce HVAC Costs

By Jeff Brain | March 30, 2017

It is surprising for most people to learn, but energy use for heating and cooling can account for up to half of a building’s total energy usage, according to the US Department of Energy. Because of this, reducing HVAC usage in your facility can create distinctive energy savings. One way of reducing this is by incorporating efficient natural lighting into your facility.

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4 Tips to Ensure Your LEDs Don't Increase Your Costs

By Jeff Brain | February 14, 2017

LED lamps have the potential to actually increase costs in your facility, despite their reputation as the most efficient artificial lighting system on the market. If they are integrated without proper research, like with any other lighting method, it is easy to make decisions which will cost you more in the long run.

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