3 Unexpected Ways LEDs Can Actually Increase Costs

By Jeff Brain | January 10, 2017

While LED lamps are typically billed as the most efficient form of artificial lighting, reducing both lighting and HVAC costs, they are not always beneficial. Poorly integrated, or cheaply produced LEDs can actually raise your costs.

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7 Stats Which Show Biophilic Lighting is Worth the Investment

By Torrin Greathouse | October 25, 2016

In the last year, biophilic lighting design has grown hugely in popularity. Biophilia is the idea that human bodies are hardwired to be in tune with nature, so efficient design should integrate natural elements to support this connection. 

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The Top 5 Sustainable Building Trends of 2016

By Torrin Greathouse | September 29, 2016

Last year we published a blog highlighting what we thought were the top sustainable building trends of the year. This year we have seen several major trends have both disappeared and emerged. 

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Are LED Lights Hurting Your Business?

By Torrin Greathouse | September 13, 2016

While LED lights are one of the most efficient artificial lighting methods on the market today, not all LED lamps are created equal. Many LEDs generate light in the high blue spectrum and flicker imperceptibly which can cause a range of health issues. Some lamps also experience dimming over time leading to your lights decreasing in efficiency over time. 

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7 Top Sustainable Building Blogs You Should Follow

By Torrin Greathouse | September 08, 2016

Last year, we wrote a blog about five of the best sustainable building blogs the internet had to offer. This year we wanted to update it and let you know about seven great blogs you should check out and consider following. 

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How LED Lamps Could Be Hurting Your Bottom Line?

By Torrin Greathouse | August 09, 2016

LED lamps are often touted as the most energy efficient lighting solution on the market, however, they may actually hurt your business’ bottom line. 

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How Biophilic Building Design Can Save You Money

By Jeff Brain | July 28, 2016

While designing a building based upon healthy, biophilic building design principles fosters better employee health and workplace satisfaction, many people do not realize it can also save companies quite a bit of money.

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The Progress Of LED Technology and Its Effects on the Lighting Market

By Jeff Brain | July 14, 2016

In a recent talk on trends in lighting technology Robert Karlicek, an external expert with Philips Lighting said “Lighting is almost going to be unimportant… it’s the services and capabilities of advanced lighting systems that become the driver for new business models in the lighting community.” 

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IoT In Industrial Design

By Jeff Brain | July 07, 2016

As the idea of the Internet of Things (or IoT) gains popularity, we have seen many fields begin to speculate on how the IoT could be integrated into their spheres. One area where there has been an unexpected hotspot of speculation is industrial lighting design. 

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The Future of LED Lighting and its Potential Risks

By Jeff Brain | June 09, 2016

LIGHTFAIR 2016 showcased many new LED-based lighting solutions. Improved lamp and luminaire designs and a growing variety of control technology show a clear path for future development in the market. But as lighting technology becomes more complex, more intelligent, and more deeply integrated, manufacturers, distributors, and contractors will have to be knowledgeable about an ever-broadening field of interconnected lighting products in order to stay ahead and sell the most advanced technology for their client’s building project.

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