Rethinking Commercial Skylights

By Torrin Greathouse | November 08, 2016

As lighting technology changes and evolves, we have to create new ways of approaching lighting and design. This is particularly true of daylighting, which is one of the oldest forms of lighting. Despite a long history, developments in daylighting including advances in skylight design have improved as much or more than the advancements between LED and incandescent bulbs. 

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5 Fundamentals of Industrial Lighting Design

By Jeff Brain | November 03, 2016

Designing lighting for any space  is already a unique challenge. In conjunction with  industrial lighting design,  this task can become especially difficult due to factors such as large spaces, high ceilings, and other design elements.

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4 Leading Commercial Skylight Designs Compared

By Jeff Brain | September 27, 2016

Over the years, the field of daylighting has become extremely competitive with a wide variety of solutions breaking into the market. While dozens of companies design and market them, these typically fall into one of four major categories: traditional, prismatic, tubular, or solar tracking. 

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5 Ways Commercial Skylights Actually Raise Energy Bills

By Torrin Greathouse | September 20, 2016

While skylights are designed to reduce energy costs by eliminating the need for electric lighting throughout the day, like many other solutions they can actually raise energy costs if poorly designed or integrated. 

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11 Benefits Solar Tracking Skylights Provide for Businesses

By Jeff Brain | August 25, 2016

Solar tracking skylights are a recent sustainable daylighting solution being implemented by many of the best known companies around the world, which makes use of GPS technology and a mirror array to track the sun throughout the day and reflect sunlight downward into a building. These skylights provide buildings with superior lighting for longer hours and at higher levels than traditional skylights and provide a range of advantages over artificial lighting. 

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How Top Natural Lighting Systems Keep Energy Costs Low

By Torrin Greathouse | June 02, 2016

Over the years, skylight have developed a bad reputation for increasing energy costs. Modern natural lighting systems however, have been designed to counteract the issues associated with older skylight designs, and they are extremely effective at keeping building energy costs down.

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Using Industrial Skylights to Improve Building Health

By Torrin Greathouse | February 04, 2016

Certain elements of your building’s interior, such as internal temperature, light quality, and air quality, can markedly affect the health and productivity of the building occupants. Incorporating industrial skylight into your facility greatly improves the building health in a few key ways.

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How Architects Should Compare Commercial Skylight Manufacturers

By Jeff Brain | January 19, 2016

As world governments push for greater reduction of carbon emissions and create tax breaks and incentives to implement sustainable technologies, architects will need to partner with leading commercial skylight manufacturers to provide their clients with the best sustainable lighting technology.

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4 Negative Impacts Outdated Commercial Skylights Have on Your Business

By Torrin Greathouse | December 10, 2015

While there are a lot of false myths about the potential issues with installing modern skylights, these myths are usually founded in actual issues with older, outdated skylight designs. It is important to make sure that your facility is using modern, efficient commercial skylights to avoid suffering the negative effects of using dated technology.

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What the Best Industrial Skylights Offer a Business

By Jeff Brain | October 21, 2015

The best industrial skylights manufactured today offer businesses an abundance of healthy, natural light with protection against unwanted heat gain, heat loss, hot spots, and glare. New production methods and technologies are incorporated into the design of today’s industrial skylights, making them more efficient, longer-lasting, and more beneficial to all who are exposed to the natural light they bring into a building. Here are some facts about what today’s best industrial skylights have to offer to a business.

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