Tubular vs. Solar Tracking: Which Provides Superior Natural Lighting?

By Jeff Brain | April 14, 2016

Superior natural lighting is achieved when the chosen skylighting product is the right match for the building application. When faced with the decision of choosing between tubular and solar tracking skylights, there are a few key differences in their designs that can help point you toward the best product for your space.

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How Solar Tracking Skylights Reduce Labor and Maintenance Costs

By Torrin Greathouse | March 29, 2016

Good lighting systems are measured by their performance. The best systems continually put out high quality illumination every day while minimizing the cost for lighting. Solar tracking skylights bring in broad-spectrum natural light, which saves money for businesses in a number of ways. By integrating these products, electrical costs can be cut by 40-80%, absenteeism drop by 45%, and sales go up by 40%. In order to be considered to work at peak productivity, solar tracking skylighting systems must reduce labor and maintenance as well. But how exactly do these systems minimize labor and maintenance costs?

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