Can Your Facility Benefit from Solar Tracking Skylights?

By Jeff Brain | September 22, 2016

Solar tracking skylights are a unique natural lighting solution which actively reflects sunlight down into a building, unlike most skylights which act as horizontal buildings in the roof of a building. These skylights combine solar power and GPS technology to follow the sun through the sky, providing light for longer hours than traditional skylights. 

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11 Benefits Solar Tracking Skylights Provide for Businesses

By Jeff Brain | August 25, 2016

Solar tracking skylights are a recent sustainable daylighting solution being implemented by many of the best known companies around the world, which makes use of GPS technology and a mirror array to track the sun throughout the day and reflect sunlight downward into a building. These skylights provide buildings with superior lighting for longer hours and at higher levels than traditional skylights and provide a range of advantages over artificial lighting. 

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5 Reasons SunTrackers Have the Fastest ROI

By Jeff Brain | March 31, 2016

Ciralight SunTrackers are an advanced solar tracking skylight product which provide numerous benefits that result in a fast return on investment of 2-4.5 years―faster than any other sustainable lighting product on the market today.

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3 Ways Solar Tracking Skylights & LEDs Can Work Together

By Torrin Greathouse | July 03, 2015

Drawing comparisons between the advantages and disadvantages of LEDs and skylights gives the impression that these two forms of green lighting technology are directly in competition with one another. However, there is a huge amount of potential for combining the two. Solar tracking skylights are the most efficient daylighting system on the market, providing free illumination for 10.5 hours a day, while LEDs are the most energy efficient form of electric lighting currently on the market. It only makes sense to combine their benefits for maximum efficiency. Here are three ways to integrate both LEDs and solar tracking skylights into your building design.

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What Are the Benefits of Solar-Tracking Skylights?

By Torrin Greathouse | May 07, 2015

Creating a lighting plan for a retrofit or a new construction can present many difficult questions in terms of which lighting system will offer the greatest benefits for your building and its occupants. The goal is to find a lighting solution that not only suits the needs of your building, but also reduces lighting costs and minimizes the building’s carbon footprint. There are many lighting systems on the market, however, only one solution offers exceptional benefits unlike any other—Solar-Tracking Skylights.

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5 Incredible Technologies Which Transform Sustainable Lighting

By Jeff Brain | January 15, 2015

Lighting affects us in our everyday life. What we see and how we feel is influenced by the illumination of the spaces we inhabit. Recent advancements in technology have made it possible for buildings to utilize free, natural daylight all day long, from sun up to sun down. Ciralight SunTrackers transform sustainable lighting design into a powerful, completely off-the-grid lighting solution.

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