2016’s Top Innovations in Sustainable Lighting

By Torrin Greathouse | December 29, 2016

At the end of any year, it is important to look back at the changes we’ve seen, and consider how these advances help our industry grow. The field of sustainable lighting has seen bigger innovations during 2016 than many years in the past, presenting new opportunities to rethink how we design lighting in a sustainable, efficient way. 

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The Double Edged Sword of LED Lighting

By Torrin Greathouse | December 20, 2016

LED lighting is one of the most efficient and widely used lighting options on the market today. LEDs provide a variety of benefits, however, they also have several key disadvantages, particularly if you invest in a lower quality system. 

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Top 3 Lighting Solutions Compared

By Jeff Brain | December 08, 2016

There are a myriad of sustainable lighting solutions available on the market; as a result, deciding which systems to use in your facility becomes  a major design challenge.  The optimal design choice generally includes a combination of multiple systems, but this choice is not always practical  with an allotted building budget. 

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7 Top Tips for Sustainable Lighting Design

By Torrin Greathouse | November 29, 2016

As our society has become increasingly conscious of our effects on the world around us, sustainability has  become an important part of everyday life.  Sustainable design has become the norm, rather than being unique and unusual. Although this design is  much more common now, effective design is still difficult—especially in the field of lighting. 

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Are LEDs Secretly Driving Up Your Costs?

By Jeff Brain | November 25, 2016

Despite their reputation as the most efficient artificial lighting systems, many LEDs can carry unexpected secret costs. Investing in LED technology without doing proper research can result in increased costs, as opposed to  the savings they are  meant to provide.

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The Potential Risks of Investing in Low-quality LEDs

By Torrin Greathouse | November 01, 2016

In the past decade, LED lighting has seen huge gains in popularity. With significant technological improvements each year, they have become the leading artificial lighting product on the market. Not all LEDs are equal though. 

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7 Top Benefits of Sustainable Lighting

By Jeff Brain | October 13, 2016

With the continuing emergence of energy efficient daylighting technologies, it is becoming much easier to invest in sustainable lighting for your facility. As these technologies continue to improve, so do the benefits they can provide. 

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The Top 5 Sustainable Building Trends of 2016

By Torrin Greathouse | September 29, 2016

Last year we published a blog highlighting what we thought were the top sustainable building trends of the year. This year we have seen several major trends have both disappeared and emerged. 

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6 Harmful Effects You Should Know About Blue-Rich Outdoor LEDs

By Torrin Greathouse | August 16, 2016

While LEDs are one of the top lighting solutions on the market, the blue-rich light produced by high-intensity lamps can actually be fairly harmful. So much so that the American Medical Association (AMA) has adopted new community standards for preventing the harmful effects of high-intensity LED street lighting.

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LEDs vs. Induction Lamps: How These Lighting Solutions Compare

By Jeff Brain | June 23, 2016

LED and induction lamps have two of a lighting product’s most desirable qualities: they are long lasting and low-maintenance. Both are known for their energy efficiency and compatibility within a variety of applications, and so they are a compelling option for retrofit projects.

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