Using Natural Lighting in the Corporate Setting

By Jeff Brain | March 16, 2017

Studies show that integrating natural light can be highly beneficial for a wide range of different applications, including military, industrial, and commercial facilities. One setting where these benefits have often been employed in the past is in corporate offices. Because of their specific lighting requirements and high occupancy, well-designed and integrated daylighting offers an efficient option for lighting these facilities. Below are a few of the ways that a corporate office could benefit from integrating natural lighting.

Higher Workplace Satisfaction

Multiple studies over the years have found that workplaces which integrate natural lighting have a higher level of employee satisfaction. This is because daily exposure to sunlight is proven to contribute to reduced stress levels and a lower resting heart rate. Additionally, daylit environments produce strong “non-specific positive environmental feelings” in their occupants. These factors contribute to happier and more motivated employees.

Increased Productivity

Well-integrated daylighting has also been shown to have a major effect on productivity. A study by the California Energy Commission found that exposure to natural light was linked to improvements in short-term memory and concentration. It has also been shown to aid in the production of melatonin and vitamin D, reducing the effects of seasonal affective disorder. These combined improvements can contribute to an increase in productivity of 6-16%.

Reduced Energy Bills

Introducing daylighting systems into your corporate building is an effective way to reduce energy usage for both lighting and HVAC. Because inefficient artificial lighting produces waste heat, it can inadvertently create excess strain on a facility’s climate control systems. Additionally, the best daylighting systems can light a facility for up to 10.5+ hours per day. These two factors combined can create a reduction in energy costs of 50-80%.

Benefit of Green Branding

Branding can be a powerful tool for many corporations, as public image can drastically influence business. Traditionally, companies that invest in sustainable design are seen as valuing their employees well-being. According to Fortune, in the coming decade companies who “invest in initiatives that help people and the planet as well as their bottom line” will have a major competitive advantage.

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