What Are the Benefits of Solar-Tracking Skylights?

By Torrin Greathouse | May 07, 2015

Creating a lighting plan for a retrofit or a new construction can present many difficult questions in terms of which lighting system will offer the greatest benefits for your building and its occupants. The goal is to find a lighting solution that not only suits the needs of your building, but also reduces lighting costs and minimizes the building’s carbon footprint. There are many lighting systems on the market, however, only one solution offers exceptional benefits unlike any other—Solar-Tracking Skylights. Here are a few of the unique benefits of this revolutionary lighting solution.

Boosts Productivity

When sunlight illuminates workspaces, it increases the productivity of employees. Natural light has been shown to reduce stress and give people a more positive attitude. According to a study done by the Heschong Mahone Group, exposure to sunlight reduces employee absenteeism and boosts workplace productivity between 6% and 16%. Gary Bull, the General Manager of A-1 Cold Storage spoke about the change in his workplace after installing solar-tracking skylights, saying, “We found that the productivity in the office definitely increased with the installation of the Ciralight System.”

Increases Sales

Several studies prove that there is a link between buildings that incorporate daylight into their design and high sales figures. A PG&E analysis of retail stores  shows that daylit stores have approximately 40% higher sales than those that do not incorporate natural lighting into their design. In another study, Walmart discovered that items in a daylit section of the store sell significantly better than products in a non-daylit section of the store, even if both sections carry the identical item.

Improves Health

Along with the studies on sales and productivity, a multitude of research has been done on the effect of light on our health. Poor lighting is known to contribute to a number of negative health conditions, such as seasonal affective disorder and insomnia. On the other hand, studies show that exposure to natural full-spectrum sunlight can aid in the prevention of rickets, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, and some autoimmune diseases. A study by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center also noted that patients exposed to daylight perceived less stress and less pain, and consequently they use approximately 20% fewer pain killers during their hospital stay.

Reduces Electrical Costs

Solar-Tracking Skylights create unprecedented energy savings. While the initial cost to install the solar-tracking skylight system is high, the system will reduce your electrical lighting and HVAC costs by more than 60%. Bill Wygal of ACE Hardware praised Ciralight’s solar-tracking skylight system, saying, “We were immediately seeing savings of a thousand dollars a month compared to our other facilities. It was within a year or so that we installed the system in one of our other buildings. We were so happy with it and we’re still happy with it today after many years.” Ciralight’s solar-tracking skylight system provides natural light for up to 10.5 hours a day without consuming a single watt of electricity.

Ciralight produces a state-of-the-art Solar-Tracking Skylight—the Ciralight SunTracker™. SunTrackers use a combination of solar power and GPS technology to follow the sun throughout the day and provide natural sunlight for up to 10+ hours per day, completely free and off-the-grid. They save energy, lower utility bills, and illuminate rooms with healthy, abundant, natural light.

Courtney Matthias, Assistant Project Manager of Brawner Builders found Ciralight’s product through an online web search: “With a simple web search, we came across the SunTracker provided by Ciralight Global as well as a few other skylights. However, after further review and analysis of the other skylights, none could demonstrate the same product quality, product productivity and customer service as Ciralight.” Follow her lead and visit Ciralight’s website to learn more about our solar-tracking skylight system today.


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