When Are Solar Tracking Skylights the Right Lighting Solution?

By Torrin Greathouse | August 05, 2015

When designing the lighting for a new facility or retrofit, it is easy to get caught up in the potential benefits of a lighting system. This often results in overlooking a key detail, such as whether or not the system is actually is good fit for your facility. In the right building, solar tracking skylights are the most efficient daylighting products on the market today, but can experience major losses in efficiency if installed in the wrong setting. Which begs the question, when do you know that they are the best lighting solution for your facility?

Do You Operate a Large Facility?

Size is a huge limiting factor for most facilities installing skylights. Facilities with large areas of ground which need to be illuminated often require that a significant portion of the roof is devoted to skylights. Traditional skylights require 7-10 percent coverage before they provide adequate lighting. On the other hand, solar tracking skylights only require 1-2 percent of your roof space. This not only reduces the installation cost and number of units you must purchase, but frees up the remaining space for other green solutions, such as solar panels or wind collectors.

What Are Your Budget Constraints?

A major part of determining which lighting system to purchase falls to the budget of the installation or retrofit project. Sacrifices in efficiency often have to be made to maintain the bottom line. Solar tracking skylights are one of the less cheap systems on the market due to the advanced technology they employ. In some cases this can limit their viability for an installation. However, if you can afford the initial investment, they offer the fastest return on investment (ROI) of any system on the market. Some of these skylights offer an ROI as low as 2.5-4 years, meaning that the money they save you has fully paid off the system’s initial cost.

Are You Trying to Decrease Energy Costs?

The key benefit that solar tracking skylights offer is a major reduction in both lighting and HVAC expenses. If your building fits the other criteria for installing a solar tracking system and your bottom line is suffering, they might be the right lighting solution for you. These systems can reduce electrical lighting and HVAC costs by more than 60%. When installed in an A-1 Cold Storage Warehouse, the skylights reduced energy bills by $2000 a month, while also increasing internal lighting quality.

Ciralight manufactures an advanced solar tracking system, the SunTracker. These skylights combine solar-power and GPS technology to precisely track the sun with a set of mirrors and reflect sunlight into a building for 10.5 hours a day, providing the best ROI on the market today.

To learn more about whether SunTrackers are the right solution for your facility, visit the products page or contact our sales team today.

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