Why Are Leading Companies Integrating Sustainable Lighting Products?

By Jeff Brain | December 19, 2017

The success of a company can be identified in many ways, including brand recognition, market Top100Badge.pngshare, innovation, and profitability. Regardless of why a business is deemed successful, top companies share at least one characteristic in common: they strive for operational excellence. Countless factors play a role in in the ongoing and continually evolving process to optimize operations. One factor that many successful companies recognize as a key element across multiple areas of the business is sustainable lighting.

A comprehensive sustainable lighting strategy entails more than just upgrading to energy efficient LED light bulbs. It includes other elements such as building orientation, placement of windows and doors, the use of timers and sensors to reduce electrical lighting usage, and daylighting solutions like solar tracking skylights. Just as managers and owners have to look at both the small details and the big picture when making business decisions, the same level of attention should be paid when developing a lighting strategy.   

Sustainable Lighting Products and Operational Excellence

Some of the reasons top companies invest time and resources to select sustainable lighting products and implement a smart lighting strategy includes:

  • Energy efficiency - At the end of the day, making a business profitable comes down to dollars and cents. Reducing energy costs through the use of efficient light fixtures and daylighting solutions will ultimately contribute to a better bottom line.
  • Productivity - Sustainable lighting products not only save money; they also help improve worker productivity, particularly when daylighting is employed. One company reported a 45% decrease in absenteeism and a 5% increase in productivity after implementing daylighting solutions.
  • Increased sales - In retail environments, sustainable lighting products can improve sales by 10% to 40%. Some of the suggested reasons include that the building appears cleaner, customers are able to see products more clearly, and employee morale is high, which leads to better customer service.
  • Brand enhancement - Many modern consumers consider a brand’s sustainability profile when making purchasing decisions, and numerous companies have reported an increase in brand value after implementing sustainability initiatives.
  • Employee loyalty - A commitment to sustainability is a significant component of internal company culture. One survey indicated that 92% of job seekers would be more inclined to work for a company that considers the environment. Another workplace survey showed that two-thirds of employees said they were more likely to stay with a company that was engaged in sustainability practices. It is clear that attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just a good compensation package.

It is important to remember that these reasons apply to businesses of any size. You do not have to run a Fortune 500 company to receive the many benefits of using sustainable lighting products. Small and medium businesses face the same challenges of keeping operating costs low, improving productivity, and creating the best possible reputation for their brand.

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