Download the Ciralight SunTracker Architect’s Guide

Discover what makes the Ciralight SunTracker the most innovative and efficient sustainable lighting system on the market today.

ProductNotebook2015Finding the best energy efficient solution for your clients while staying within budget can be a difficult task. As energy prices rise and building codes, such as California’s Title 24, are updated with new, more rigorous standards, it is necessary to have the most advanced and proven technolgy ready to incorpate into your green building projects.

To help you do this, we have created a comprehensive guide for our state-of-the-art solar powered daylighting system which is available for download or print here. Our SunTrackers have been installed by many of the worlds largest companies.

This guide provides:

  • A 2D model that illustrates the unique way SunTrackers provide light and save your clients up to 80% on energy costs

  • Technical specifications on the SunTracker 400 and 800 models

  • CSI Specifications

  • A copy of the SunTracker’s 10-year limited warranty



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