Tubular Daylighting

Tubular Daylighting is the way to go when you are looking to bring natural daylight indoors from roof to ceiling. While most passive skylights are intermediaries between the environment and a building interior, some building applications cannot be daylit by this mean alone due to a drop ceiling, HVAC accessories, or any number of causes. Throught the use of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD’s), it is possible to bring daylight on a roof indoors to naturally illuminate the space.

A Tubular Daylight Device uses the same concept of a skylight; bring sunlight indoors for use as the primary lighting system. But, instead of relying on the skylight lens as the primary means of delivering light indoors, a Tubular Daylight transfers sunlight through a “light tube” to distribute into a building interior. These “light tubes” go by many names; lightwells, sun pipes, solar light pipes, sun scopes, and more. Often, though, the main characteristic of light tubes is that they are highly reflective along the inside and connect the top roof-attached skylight to a bottom diffuser for even light distribution into the room. While Tubular Daylighting Devices all vary in size and scope, all have one idea in common; naturally daylight building interiors.

In the Tubular Daylighting industry, there is a slight differentiation between Tubular Devices. There are your typical Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD’s) and there are also Hybrid Tubular Daylighting Devices (HTDD’s). While both use a passive light tube to transfer the light to the interior space, a Hybrid Tubular Daylighting Device often uses a more advanced design; often incorporating moving parts and/or other mechanisms. While the definition of what encompasses a Hybrid Tubular Daylighting Device is still quite loose (due to the lack of products of this type), Ciralight’s Suntracker Daylighting Systems fit more closely in this area than the previous.

Tubular Daylighting

Ciralight’s Suntracker Tubular Daylighting System is one of the premiere Daylighting Devices on the market. The Suntracker uses a Solar Powered GPS Controller to follow the sun and reflect its light through a lightwell into the building through a bottom diffuser lens to evenly distribute the light. The system uses no electricity, is completely hands free after installation, and has been tested beyond a thirty (30) year life cycle. The solar tracking capabilities of the Ciralight Suntracker allow it to bring in 10+ hours of sunlight in a day; about 300% more light than a typical passive skylight. The benefit of practical daylight is a prime reason to use Tubular Daylighting Devices, but there’s many more advantages that come with installation of these devices also.

Along with beautiful, full spectrum lighting, the benefits of Daylighting include savings on utility costs, increased environmental responsibility, green sustainable building design, and an enhanced human experience. The cost savings of Daylighting depend on the product and the application. The more aritifical lights that can be turned off, the quicker the ROI. Daylighting produces heightened environmental responsibility because of the ability to turn off lights, use less electricity and, in turn, reduce the amount of natural resources used to create that electricity. Tubular Daylighting Devices help buildings become more Sustainable and ensure that they are more efficient regarding energy consumption and longevity.

The human aspect of Daylighting is one of the most beneficial parts of Daylighting in design. Upon installation of a Daylighting Device one can expect an increase in sales, customer loyalty, and time per visit from customers in Retail; accelerated learning rates and test scores in Schools; higher productivity, improved morale, and less absenteeism in the Workplace; speedier recovery rates in Health Care; and overall preventative human health is strengthened in regards to the balance of Circadian rhythms, eyesight, vitamin D deficiency, and hormone secretion.

There’s simply no better way to work, to live, to play than under natural Daylight. Tubular Daylighting Devices are great for all applications and can greatly improve the quality of life for everyone underneath their natural light. For more information about Daylighting, Daylighting Design, or Ciralight’s Suntracker Systems, please feel free to call us anytime at (877) 520-5005. One of our Daylighting advisors is here to help you get the most out of your Tubular Daylighting desires.

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