Tubular Daylighting Devices

Tubular Daylighting Devices have single-handedly taken the Daylighting Industry to the next level. Daylighting is the art of using Daylight as the primary lighting source for buildings. The ability to efficiently do so is a balance between the Daylighting technology and the Daylighting design in the building. Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDD’s) allow Daylighting Devices to reach new levels in buildings that were previously not available.

Tubular Daylighting Devices are defined by their ability to transfer sunlight captured on the roof of a building down to the building interior through a lightwell. These lightwell’s come in many different shapes, sizes, and names; often directly related to the rooftop device they are connected to. Whether circular or square, adjustable or stationary, all Tubular Daylighting Devices have one primary property in common: The ability to transfer sunlight from roof to ceiling efficiently and effectively. When designed and installed properly, a Tubular Daylighting Device should allow the space to turn off all artificial lighting fixtures during the daytime due to the abundant natural daylight it provides.

While the title of Tubular Daylighting Devices spans the entire group of daylighting devices with lightwells to transmit light indoors, another group of TDD’s takes Daylighting to an even more advanced level. This new designation is called Hybrid Tubular Daylighting Devices (HTDD’s). These Daylighting Devices reflect advanced Tubular Daylighting Devices, often involving moving parts and motorized technologies. Ciralight’s Suntracker Daylighting Systems would be considered, more specifically, a Hybrid TDD.

Tubular Daylighting Devices

A Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD) involves the use of a lightwell, or similarly named device, to transmit sunlight from the roof of a building to the ceiling of the interior. While most systems which employ Tubular Daylighting are of a passive sort (stationary), Ciralight Global’s Suntracker Daylighting System uses Active technology to capture and direct daylight indoors throughout the daytime.

Utilizing a Solar Powered GPS Controller, the Suntracker is programmed to find it’s location on Earth and use a specially designed program to follow the sun throughout the entire all year long. After self-programming itself upon being charged, the Suntracker’s mirrors within it’s dome rotate to continually face the sun and direct it’s light into the building interior below. The Suntracker’s ability to adjust to the suns position all day allows it to bring up to 300% more daylight into buildings than most passive Daylighting systems.

The installation of a Ciralight Suntracker brings sustainable design and green practices to every building they are placed on. Self-sustained and self-programming, our Suntracker’s efficiency can be heightened by a Daylighting Control System. The use of Daylighting Controls alongside a Tubular Daylighting Devices automates the lighting levels of the building space by setting a minimum light level that is monitored and adjusted throughout the day depending on the available daylight and the artificial lighting layout of the room. Rather than turn on and off lights all day long, a Lighting Control System is a handy technology to save on utility costs and time while still maintaining practical light levels for the space and it’s application. Recommended Light Levels vary depending on the usage of the space.

Ciralight’s Suntracker Tubular Daylighting Device brings immediate benefits to any every building upon installation. The Suntracker helps make any building more sustainable through its use of a never-ending resource; sunlight. In doing so, the Suntracker is a financially advantageous investment for your bottom line. Not only does the installation of Suntrackers to a roof significantly cut down on rising utility costs during peak hours, it also saves on HVAC spending. By using sunlight as the primary lighting source, the cooling needs of a space lower dramatically due to the reduced need to accommodate the heat produced by each lighting fixture. Also, Suntracker savings continue as the maintenance cycle of each lighting fixture is extended by the diminished need to replace bulbs, repair fixtures, and spend labor hours for this work.

While Ciralight’s Suntracker brings many benefits financially, the system also carries many innumerable advantages too; namely regarding the human element of building spaces. The inclusion of Daylighting into building interiors has been proven to enhance the human experience of spaces by filling rooms with vibrant full-spectrum lighting at levels that often exceed artificial lighting’s capacities. With properly installed, efficient Tubular Daylighting Devices in place, studies have shown that sales increase, customers stay longer, and have higher loyalty in retail; students learn faster and have improved test scores in schools; patients recover quicker in health care; employees show higher productivity, higher morale, and less absenteeism in the workplace; and enjoy improved health through balance of Circadian rhythms, eyesight issues, vitamin D deficiency, and seasonal affective disorders.

All in all, Ciralight’s Suntrackers are great for people and buildings alike as the premiere Tubular Daylighting Device for any daylighting needs.

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